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How Good is Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

Shampoo Alpecin Caffeine shampoos like the Alpecin shampoo as well as Plantur 39 are being heavily advertised and are available by many stores and online websites – how good are they for hair problems? 

Well, the benefits of the Alpecin shampoo are as follows:

Instant hair thickening feeling (this is due to oils and fat based ingredients) – but it does not actually thicken hair for real, only a temporary effect – some people like this, as they do not want to make the effort of naturally thickening their hair.

The one main benefit of the Alpecin shampoo is that it makes you feel like you have cleaned your hair – but this is not true, as you know, spreading fat over your hair, makes it look shiny and neat, but this causes inflammation over long term, and this also causes hair thinning – so shampoos that have temporary thickening effects (especially those volume shampoo and conditioners) are not ideal for people naturally trying to thicken their hair.

 So, What Does Caffeine Shampoo Made to Do?

Basically – the studies done behind caffeine based shampoos are done by the companies selling the shampoo – but they are heavily flawed because they do the experiment on hair that is in a test tube, and not inside the body – the problem with this is that hair thinning or hair loss occurs because of hormones, DHT, diet and other stress factors that cause the inflammation, which then causes hair to fall – but if you simply remove the hair onto a test tube, then it will surely grow better as it is not affected by the previous problems.

So is there no shampoo that helps with hair growth or stopping hair loss?

We constantly review various hair products, including hair growth shampoos – and have the ones that work listed here – the top hair product that works to naturally help hair problems is called the Taoist soap.

That said – you don’t have to buy any hair products to help stop hair loss – just improve three basic things, and work on it everyday:

– Diet: Work to increase natural, organic foods in your life. If you don’t eat enough red meat, and you have a very skinny built, then increase this – but make sure it is sourced from organic farms where the animals are grass fed (this enhances the quality and taste of the meat).

Stop eating sugar intense foods – these cause inflammation, which actually is the root cause of most diseases, let alone hair loss.

– Exercise: Workout everyday for at least 40-45 minutes. This does not mean that if you vacuumed the house or done chores or walked home from the train station equals exercise – this means, you take extra time out of your normal day, and do body weight exercises, yoga and even jogging – exercise helps balance the hormones and keep them at healthy levels.

– Scalp massage: Massage your scalp at least 30 minutes a day (ideally watch a movie or a drama series on tv, so time goes faster). This is extremely important if you want to stop hair loss at a serious level, and help regrow hair.