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Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss?

does testostorone cause hair loss


We often ask the question, if Testosterone hormone, causes hair loss in men? And how to prevent it from happening to you if it does – the answer is not that simple as you would have imagined.

Too much testosterone can cause hair loss in men – but this does not mean they are not healthy; its actually the opposite – BBC news also mentioned a story like this, saying balding could be good for your health – although we agree to some extent, that high testosterone in men is healthy, one also has to understand more important processes that go within the body.

So blocking or reducing testosterone can stop my hair from thinning?

Many online websites suggest that testosterone, or its converted form, DHT, causes hair follicles to shrivel up; the problem is, they miss out one key element in this process – inflammation.

When testosterone converts to DHT, inflammation is what occurs in the scalp region, which is the reason why hair follicles actually stop producing hair, and start choking from lack of hair production – stopping DHT production is not an effective way to actually stop inflammation, because even a tiny amount of DHT left, will still cause a lot of inflammation if the conditions in the body are the same.

By this we mean, for example, foods like sugar and carbs, feed inflammation – so usually people with a lot of hair loss problems, often eat a lot of sugar, and have a sweet tooth, or just an addiction to eating carbs (bread, pasta, rice etc) – even if you eat fruit, it still causes the same inflammation to occur, as it uses the sugar in the fruit to produce the inflammation. So in this specific cause, what can greatly help to stop inflammation, and in turn hair loss, is stopping intake of carbs and sugar for a period of time (to allow the body to reset itself) – and to consume leafy greens and lean meats.

To supplement this – other factors need to be taken into account – please read our article on inflammation and hair loss, and how it works – and what you can do to stop it, to help improve hair conditions and even reverse the problem. This article also covers inflammation in women as well as men.

It is worth researching about when it comes to keeping your body healthy and to help your hair too!