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Revigen Shampoo Review – Hair Growth Possible? (A Review)

revigen shampoo reviews

We all know how hard growing thicker hair is, and how nearly impossible it is to stop hair loss from progressing.

Is there a way for Revigen shampoo for helping those souls that are looking for a way out of this hell of slow and progressive hair thinning?

Some claim it is DHT – some claim it is stress – some say it is hormones and some say it is inflammation – some say it is even the shampoo you use, to the extreme of having too much sex (or masturbation). What is it? is it all or none? or what exactly?

Does Revigen help hair growth or stop hair loss?

Short answer – no. At least not yet from our research. It seems this shampoo does what the other hair growth shampoos do – just enlarge the hair shaft for a moment to make it look like it’s thicker – but this causes a lot of problems when used regularly, and increases hair loss rate in the wrong environment – so be very careful. We don’t like to trash talk about other people’s brand names, but we do need to explain pointers in a scientific way, yet simple english so everyone can understand.

Is there a way to at least stop hair loss in men and women, and even regrow thicker hair?

Short answer Yes, detailed answer see our homepage chart here – and also the articles we have written previously here which talk about every topic in great detail (yes all free – no buying needed).

What are the ingredients they talk about in Revigen shampoo that they say are scientifically proven?

There are ingredients like saw palmetto that are known to help temporarily lower DHT  – but long term use of this will cause breast enlargement for men – and will mess with male hormones – topical application is good, but in shampoo format, it is not enough to cause hair growth, let alone stop hair growth.

Zinc supplements are great too with some support for hair – but many vital nutrients are important for hair, even amino acids from collagen – so the wording of scientific proof is used very loosely.

Will Revigen cause hair loss for me?

We cannot say this for everyone – but it is possible to get the exact opposite results if you go for shampoos that target temporary effects, which do not really solve the problem in the first place – and have chemicals which have negative side effects on long term use (so once a month use would be fine for such a shampoo – or possibly twice a month).