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Renpure Shampoo Review for Hair Growth

renpure shampoo review

We admit, that hair thickening is not an easy task – but how has this shampoo tested on the shooting range for hair growth and thickening in hair shampoos?

Repure has a ton of various shampoos to select from – some, pictured in the left, are paraben free, free from harsh salts  and dyes as well as sodium chloride as well as gluten.

Whilst this is a great start – do such types of shampoos affect hair growth in any shape or form in terms of the studies that have been carried out?

This is a Renpure shampoo review – a rather general one, in the sense that we are talking about not only Renpure, but other shampoos that say they are gluten free, paraben free, SLS free and so on.

Hair growth rate increased by 20% – Here is how and why

Hair growth rates vary in different people from age, to circulation, to how they treat their hair and what diet they eat – basically every small thing matters, in terms of how fast or slow, or thin, your hair will be – and to create an actual change (hair thickening), you will need to have a whole bunch of factors in your side (for your hair) rather than against you – the trick is to find YOUR unique factor, which is stopping you from getting that extra percentage of thicker hair, no matter what age or gender you are.

First important factor is the chemicals you use to wash your hair – Renpure claims to be paraben free, and free of other harsh chemicals – but is this enough to actually grow and thicken hair? Not for most people – but yes, this is a good start, but not a cure to hair loss for men or women – it’s a tool for it however, and can help you stop damaging your hair further as you age.

Second factor is your diet – too much carb and sugar are factors that go against your hair growth (unless you are eating way below calorie base level). A lean protein rich diet with steamed leafy greens is essential to this – followed by a supplement of beef based collagen.

Third factor is your circulation – general and local. Blood circulation is the number one cause of all disease, and its associated side effects, including induced hair loss genetic or otherwise – going for an exercise 30 minutes a day is essential for general body care – but also scalp massage for 30 minutes a day, is vital if you are trying to break down the calcification of the scalp.

There are many other ways to helping reduce hair loss, and thicken hair, Repure shampoo isn’t a cure – nor is alpecin shampoo as the name of this site suggests – but a good routine with the right attitude towards health and healing. Please see other posts and blogs for more information on this.