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Essentials of Food – Number One Myth Explained

food for healthPeople often say, eat right, or eat healthy – and vegetables come to mind – and for some people, certain types of meat also come to mind – but all food is not equal, and this needs to be understood beyond just a concept.

Food grown under certain conditions will not have the same amount of nutrition when its grown in another – and not only that, the difference can be massive! One could have almost zero helpful nutrients in it, whilst the exact same species of food grown in another way would have a thousand times more nutrition density.

So why all this talk about nutrition density?

Nutrition density is a key factor here – because over the last 100 years, we have seen a dramatic decrease in quality of food we produce – even though everything has gone much more hygienic and neater looking – the nutrition is no longer there.


Because of various intensive farming practices, and the way business is done in today’s time, compared to how it was before – plus the population increase to this level.

Over-farming over the same ground, drains the soil from nutrients and minerals that the soil has to give to the plants – normally leaves fall on the ground and get decomposed which naturally help the soil get fertilized – but now we have to artificially fertilize the soil and adjust the PH of the soil to make it ideal matching for the plants and crops grown – this is not the best way to grow crops that have nutrition dense vitamins and minerals.

On top of that, most western farms have started using GMO (genetically modified organism) crops, which are genetically altered to withstand the pollution, and to also produce larger, and nicer looking crops so that they sell better – again, the idea of profit, rather than anything else coming first, is hurting the nutrition quality of the food.

You may see larger bananas or larger and more beautiful looking vegetables, but these do not contain as much nutrients as the organic and non-GMO counterpart, the original.

If you ever go to a third world country where mass farming methods have not yet been standardized and where the population is not a lot – you will see the difference in taste of their food compared to the foods in the top mass producing countries or mass production buyers – UK, USA and Europe.

So how do you deal with this problem to help you get the right nutrients for your body?

The good news is, your body is able to evolve, and able to extract better nutrition out of a less nutrient dense food item – but you must help it to do this – if you are already trying to recover from a certain illness, or even just correcting your skin or hair loss issue – then buying organic and Non-GMO food is the best way to go – supporting local farms who you know well, and how they grow their crops (don’t hesitate to even ask them such questions and even to view the growing methods).

Buying non-GMO seeds is also another way to grow your own supply of vegetables to help with keeping nutrition density at its best – grow things that are best grown in the environment you live in – as these will produce even better nutritional quality than any other.