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Taoist Soap Vs Alpecin Shampoo Vs Nizoral Vs Plantur – Which is the Best Hair loss Shampoo?


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As you know the top known shampoo brands are Alpecin, Taoist Soap, Nizoral and Plantur 39 for all hair loss related productsbut which one is really effective in stopping hair loss, or even re-growing hair on the scalp?

As you can see on the chart, instantly one soap stands out – and this is the Taoist handmade soap. Usually a naturally made product which boasts about its organic nature, and the fact that it is so free from chemicals that it is even edible – but is the science behind this really making sense on people’s claims on the Taoist soap?

Short answer is Yes – as you know, hair loss in men or women can be caused by different hormones, diet, stress and even other factors such as chemicals and pollution. But how does one soap, which is applied to hair, actually fix this?

Well, the answer is that all kinds of hair loss, results in one major thing occurring in the scalp – inflammation – this is the key to understanding hair falling out, and stopping hair falling. So even if your hormone imbalance is causing hair to fall, then stopping the inflammation occurring in the local area can stop hair from falling, and even regrow the hair over time.

This is not a far stretch as some people seem to think – the human body even has genes that are designed to regrow lost limbs – but those genes are dormant, and being controlled by another gene to stop us from growing 10 new arms; it means the possibility is there – we just haven’t understood it.

The Alpecin Shampoo has also been talked about a lot in the last couple of years – and this was an interesting case but unfortunately the science behind it is in a test tube – not in a human hair – without allowing hair to be around hormones and the natural stresses in the body, making a statement that caffeine helps hair growth is not very scientific at all.

So does the Alpecin shampoo work for men or women?

Short answer is not really – it might even be bad for your hair because of the fact that it contains chemicals that temporarily spread over your hair, making your hair look shiny and clean, but are spread with a layer of fat, and will only cause more inflammation in the long run, which is the reason your hair is falling out in the first place!

The same applied to Plantur 39 shampoo and other caffeine based shampoosNizoral shampoo may work to some extent, as reported by 5% of users – but it too contains layers of glycerin which makes you think your hair has gotten thicker and looking better – but this will eventually turn into inflammation and make your condition worse.