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Mental Clarity Required for Reaching Health Goals

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Mental clarity is an important function for one if they want to reach their health goals (or any goals at all) – it is the most underrated aspect of health, because we don’t realize that mentally clear people are able to observe their problems better, and in turn, able to deal with them better.

Health problems like hair loss to anything more serious can all be resolved or improved with mental and emotional clarity – but how does one achieve this?

We already know that B-complex vitamins help with stress, and in turn supports emotional health – we also know exercise is a must, if we want to have any sort of stability in hormones after the age of 25, so with these two combined, what else is available?

The one thing that can help improve mental clarity is Epsom salt baths – this is because of the detox it provides. The skin is looked at as a third kidney, and having regular Epsom salt baths (weekly or monthly) helps the body rid of toxins which otherwise have to go through the kidneys, and this taxes the body too much to achieve mental clarity.

In eastern medicine, water is the nature of your mind – having regular mineral rich water, is essential to keeping a stable and clear mind – and a stomach that is not constantly full, also helps with achieving better mentally clear states – many people report very strong mental clarity when they are on a fasting period of 30 days – so this does have a positive correlation.