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How Does an Itchy Scalp Cause Hair Loss?

Itchy Scalp Hair Loss


People with an itchy scalp often also have hair loss at the same time – even if they don’t yet notice the hair thinning, they can still have hair that has started to thin, and this is actually due to the itchy scalp.

But what is an itchy scalp? 

An itchy scalp means you have inflammation in the scalp – inflammation is the root cause of all types of hair loss and hair thinning in men and women. Even if you have a thyroid condition which is affecting hormones and then in turn causing hair loss – it is the inflammation that is causing the hair follicles to stop producing hair, and letting the hair fall off.

What can be done about an itchy scalp and stopping the inflammation and hair loss?

When approaching natural methods of treatment for itchy scalp, one must understand that your life patterns has resulted in this exact state – so changing these patterns is the first most important thing.

The most important factor we understand today about inflammation (be it in the scalp or the body), it loves to feed from sugary foods – fruits or processed sugar, both are the same to inflammation and it literally thrives on sugar. If you get rid of this ingredient from your diet, and increase exercise rate everyday (which burns the sugar reserves in your body regularly) – you will be surprised how much inflammation goes down by – including those suffering from thyroid conditions.

So completely stopping all sugar foods is the first step to stopping inflammation – it will give it no fuel to fire up the way it does and causes all kinds of problems from itchy scalp, hair loss and even other more serious problems in the body – you read correct, inflammation can cause serious problems in the body, and most of the time, you don’t even know you have inflammation as its not always felt or visible internally in the body – this is why a lifestyle change is required.

Another food that supports inflammation is fried foods like french fries and donuts – these must also go – they are fatty (which is the same as sugar, for inflammation) – and there is no reason to even have them in your diet at all – yes, some people love their taste, but they do more harm in the body than good, and have no nutritional value at all – food is for a balance of nutritional value and the enjoyment you get from the taste – not only for the taste however.

So fatty foods also must be avoided – these include poor quality restaurant meat which often is saturated with extra fat to taste better but after eating, you feel sluggish or tired.

Fatty foods not only feed inflammation just like sugar, but they also help block vessels for blood circulation in the scalp – the scalp blood vessels are so thin, they are easily blocked by fatty foods (hence the scalp massage we recommend all over this blog).

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In the picture above, you can see how thin each vessel for the hair is – it is so tiny, only a few blood cells can enter at a time. This can cause problems if there is too much fat in the blood flow (from the food eaten) – sometimes scalp massage won’t work, because the diet is not fat free enough.

Now the above methods revealed are the most powerful natural methods of stopping inflammation and itchy scalps. But if those aren’t working, and you need a stronger push, then you need to purchase a product or two.

One great product is the Immortal’s Oil for hair growth – this is the only oil that boosts hair growth, stops itchy scalps and regenerates the cells for more hair growth. It needs to be used along with the above diet, for it to work effectively.

You will also need to stop using SLS shampoos (most commercial shampoos have SLS in them) – there are shampoos which are SLS free, and don’t strip the hair of its natural oils.

On top of that, if you still feel like you need a stronger push for hair growth from the thinning hair – then use the Taoist soap on the scalp (Not hair, just scalp) for helping soothe the hair follicles and stop inflammation – again, the above must be adhered to, if you want to see full on results worth raving about.

Remember, working towards ultimate health requires work, and changing your life patterns from the very food you eat, the way you think and how calm you are emotionally, all affect your health – keeping this in mind, will help you realize things which will be beneficial in not only great hair, but a great clear mind, happy thoughts and relaxed body!