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Is Hair ReGrowth really Possible in Men and Women?

is hair regrowth really possible in men and women

There are so many factors in regrowing hair, and with so many unsuccessful attempts of people trying to regrow or even maintain hair growth, it is important to understand the fundamentals of hair growth, before you look for hair growth products and oils and everything in-between.

Genetics – My hair falling is genetically predispositioned, does this mean I cannot regrow hair?

Genetics of today has not at all been understood fully, and any doctor or scientist making claims that genetics limit your changing of your body in such a way such as regrowing hair is very inaccurate – a few years ago, genetics was seen as fixed – today we know that genes change from our daily patterns in life; from eating to lifestyle with emotional management and social aspects.

So until scientists are able to make a face of the owner of the DNA, it is actually not possible and inaccurate to say that genetics will make it hard for you to regrow hair (as a man or women).

So how does one regrow hair as a man or women? What if things don’t work?

Things often don’t work when trying to resolve something naturally – the pharmaceutical thrive of this because a core fundamental understanding of natural healing is missing – this understanding is that one has to do everything known, to push and create the biological changes in the body, to push the body to create the change you need.

So for example – if you want to lose weight; dieting alone can help – but combining dieting and exercise is even better. Even better is making healthy foods a part of the lifestyle, and making your job a working job where you always move around – the same methodology is applied to things like treating problems like hair thinning and growing hair again; but a little more complex because it involves specific things in diet, exercise and emotional and mental attitude.

We do have top products that are used for helping with hair growth, but this is only a fraction of what is really needed if you want to seriously regrow hair; a full lifestyle change is required for sure.