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Foods to Stop Inflammation to Stop Hair Loss

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Ever wonder what foods help stop hair loss? Well you need to look for foods that will prevent inflammation, because as you know already from previous posts, that inflammation is the real cause of hair loss, and you have to do various things to reverse the damage already done by it – by doing everything you know how to, to stop inflammation.

Food is one of the best ways to help stop inflammation – this means eating a lot of green vegetables. Highest on your list should be kale.

Kale is a high anti-oxidant rich food that if taken regularly, helps prevent inflammation as well as prevents hair loss in the long run. But only taking Kale will not be enough, you need to understand that eating one thing in your life will not prevent or stop something that is caused by multiple factors like stress and strain in your life.

To get a wholesome regime to your health, and to stop and prevent hair loss, you need to tackle it from the mind and body as follows:

Mind: Stop Stressing! Some people are so deep stressed, that they actually don’t know it anymore, they think it is a normal state of being; this is a scary thought, but its as true as true can be. Doing meditation exercises where you sit for 20 minutes at a time and focus on your breathing will make you realize if you were stressed or not; usually a lot of thoughts come up when you try to do this, so give it enough chance, because getting a lot of thoughts when meditating is common, and is a good thing; its a sign your mind is being cleaned out from those very thoughts!

Body: This means exercise, food intake and the scalp massages we talked about earlier – this is very important if you want to get anywhere with stopping hair loss. Getting a good exercise program that makes you breathless is vital to keep your heart healthy, and that is a key element is helping you overall.

If you get the above two right, you will surely be on your way to healing hair loss and stopping more hair from falling from your scalp.