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Inflammation Causes Hair Loss – Men or Women

Inflammation is the cause of most diseases, let alone just a simple thing like hair loss in men and women – the picture below indicates what other things inflammation causes, so you get an idea, that it is not just about hair loss, but a more serious thing than most people think.

Some people say DHT causes hair loss in men – or womens hair loss is caused by their hormones not being in balance – this is both true, but both those activities can cause inflammation in the body and the scalp, and then that is what stops hair growing, or thins out hair over a period of time.

hair loss is caused by Inflammation


So are there anti-inflammatory diets to help with stopping hair loss?

Well, its not about what you eat, its more about what you don’t eat. Because every time you take a bite of food, it can cause inflammation, as food is what feeds it – usually inflammation occurs in people who eat more calories than they need – but this does not mean they have to be overweight to have inflammation, it simply means if you have a layer of fat in you, you can have accelerated inflammation – have you not noticed the saying “fat and bald” – as being overweight does increase inflammation.

Inflammation┬áis always occurring in the body in small doses – but in large amounts, it can lead to hair loss and serious diseases – so it is worth understanding inflammation, and doing steps to avoid it.

If you consume a lot of calories but exercise to burn it off and have a good weight – this does not exclude you from inflammation – as you are still processing a large amount of food and calories – and this still puts you at high risk – this also explains to some extent, people who appear healthy and in shape, suddenly getting very sick.

To handle inflammation for stopping hair loss – you have to take things internally, and topically to get the best results – from our charts here, the Taoist soap is very useful in tackling inflammation – one must understand though, that inflammation is not always visible or felt, like many people think (in terms of sport injuries).

Other topical products, such as the Immortal’s oil, is another great tool to help stop inflammation on the scalp and skin, and is highly effective from the very first use – but it is important to understand, diet is the number one in level of importance – then comes exercise, as blood circulation helps relieve inflammation and accelerates healing – then comes tools like the oil and topical formulations.

It is already widely understood that inflammation is the root cause of hair loss – and tackling it requires multiple treatments from various directions (food, diet, exercise, topical solutions, emotional stability and more) – do everything you can to stop inflammation, detoxify your body regularly with salt baths and deep breathing, as weird as it sounds, these have a direct influence on your DNA expression – which is vital for stopping inflammation – DNA expression can be changed by changing your habits and doing things differently than you do – from the way you behave, as behaviour and emotional responses both trigger hormones in very different ways -someone always depressed will release more stress hormones which cause inflammation than someone who is happier and is involved in doing things and keeping busy – whatever you choose to do, remember that sugar foods and carbs are the first foods inflammation feeds off – red meat and spinach diet in the meals is ideal for helping stop inflammation – although we are still researching on vegetarian options, these are extremely hard to find and become effective as medicinal for the human body in terms of stopping inflammation for hair loss.