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Does the Immortal’s Oil work for Hair Growth?

immortals oil 33Lot’s of talk about the famous Immortal’s Oil produced by ImmortalsOil.com exclusively – does it work, or are the reviews questionable for it? And what does science say about using an oil such as this for hair growth?

The Immortal’s Oil was developed specifically for hair loss, be it caused by hormonal problems, or skin problems – as the cause of hair loss is always inflammation – DHT can cause inflammation in men, which then makes the hair fall, and in women it would be other hormones or stress that could cause the inflammation – in either case, its inflammation that causes the problem, and this is where the Immortal’s Oil can greatly benefit stopping and re-growing thicker hair.

Other famous oil’s like Castor oil, Virgin olive oil, Coconut Oil and some others are known for preventing hair loss – but them alone cannot actually help regrow hair because their use has to be prolonged, and over this period of use, the scalp can become inflamed further because those oil types are not closely replicating human oils produced in the scalp – so the body starts fighting the oils rather than accepting it as it’s own – this is why you will hear great reviews about castor oil, but after a week of use, the results start backfiring – the Immortal’s Oil is specifically designed for long term use, whilst allowing you to stop use, without going through a hair shedding period often experienced by users of other oils and drugs.

From first hand data and third party reviews we have found the Immortal’s oil to significantly improve hair growth in men and women with no negative side effects that are normally experienced by similar products.

It seems the secret of the Immortal’s Oil is in the size of its molecules being small enough to penetrate the skin deeply, to force hair follicles to produce hair – and when the right amount of hair is naturally being produced again, then the end-user can stop using the oil if they wish, without reversing the results they have already achieved.