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Hypoglycemia and Hair thinning

Low blood sugar and hair loss

If you suffer from a low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), and are seeing hair thinning on top of this, then it is a sure thing that you need to start an exercise program from right now.

This is because this condition can be greatly helped by exercising more – the problem is, people with this low blood sugar problem often feel like they have no energy to do any exercise, so it can be a very dangerous downward spiral – but if you mentally take control, and do 1 exercise daily, be it walking for 20 minutes outside, or jump rope for 5 minutes to raise heart rate (which helps push blood circulation to the extremities).

So is there a definite link between hair loss and hypoglycemia?

As you age, you will get thinning hair, unless you do things to maintain good blood circulation – now if you already abused sugar and carbs at a younger age, and did not exercise much, this is how you can develop hypoglycemia which only makes hair loss worse – but the problem is still the same, and one must exercise on a daily basis for a long period of time (more than a year) to see real full on results – and stay on a low calorie, high protein diet (no carbs, no sugar and no fats – just meat and veggies).

Is there a way to naturally cure hypoglycemia?

Yes – the cause of this is no exercise and high carbs, fat and sugar – and the body is getting sick from it, literally – so doing more exercise will surely help, as well as avoiding those foods (yes it is difficult to do, but if you are determined to get through it, you will succeed).