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Natural & Most Effective Ways to Thicken Hair for Men and Women

natural ways to thicken hair


Natural ways to thicken hair can be found everywhere – but most of them are not understood as they are adopted individually or looked upon as what works and what doesn’t – for example, people saying to try out a new hair thickening method, or pill or product, and then seeing if it works and then adding more – to some extent this is fine – but sometimes just doing one method which actually is helping, will not show its effects until combined with other methods.

This is understood in cooking – when you make a recipe, its about all the ingredients mixing in well and giving the taste – not about individual level, where adding only salt will make something taste better without anything else – making soup needs mostly water if you think about it – largest aspect of it is water based – but is water alone soup? You need all the other ingredients to complete it and make it tasting great – this is the same with natural healing, including hair thickening ways (but can be applied to everything).

It is a universal truth about healing – you can’t expect ┬áto have a magic pill to resolve all issues – each person’s hair thinning or condition is different – some people get hair thinning from eating too much sugar, some get it from stress, some get it from a combination of everything – the same with healing, some can get great results from just one or two methods or remedies, but ideally, to get full on fast results, you need to do everything sensibly possible.


So what are some remedies that are known to work for thickening hair and speeding up hair growth in men and women?

1. Diet: Balanced diet with no sugar and carbs will speed up hair growth the fastest way possible. Make sure you are getting enough proteins.

2. Exercise: You need to exercise 3-4 times a week making yourself sweat and breathe hard – this is important to keep the lymphatic system working. If you already do exercise and think you are healthy, then think again – most people think they eat healthy and exercise healthy, but most people also live the same lifespan; just doing one type of exercise is not enough; doing various exercises like yoga, weight training and swimming will help your body circulate blood in a different way than the other exercise does – this is important as it helps speed up hair growth and thickens hair.

3. Scalp massage: This needs to be done everyday for at least 20 minutes. You can use an oil, such as the Immortals oil which helps stop inflammation (the root cause of hair thinning) – but you just need to make sure you are massaging it everyday – this is the least understood system of hair growth on the planet – its so easy, most people don’t give it a second thought and never do it – scalp massage will increase blood circulation permanently, ridding of toxins and unblocking vessels which get blocked easily because they are so thin in the scalp.

4. Use anti-inflammation shampoo – we rated the Taoist soap as the best hair growth soap for the scalp because of this very reason – but you must combine the above for this to work at its best. It is understood that inflammation is the root cause of hair thinning, and if inflammation is stopped, hair thinning naturally stops and thicker hair begins to grow. If you don’t want to purchase this due to its price, then get an SLS free shampoo, to at least not make your hair worse off.

5. Work on your anxiety and stress: This is on the increase and is commonly linked to people with thinning hair. Exercise and scalp massage will help a lot, but you still need to do more to help it – taking a B-complex vitamin supplement will greatly help in increasing capacity to get stress and remain unaffected (which means hormones don’t go crazy when you get stressed) – its like those martial arts people who remain calm even in an intense fight, it is because they have built higher capacity to take stress – if you do the same (even slightly better) your hormones will not go crazy, and will not cause inflammation in the scalp area, in turn, thickening your hair (stress hormones cause hair to fall out).