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Bone Marrow and Hair Growth linked – Eastern Sciences

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Bone marrow and hair growth and natural beauty have been linked, not only by western scientists but also Eastern medical teams which practice ancient healing methods like herbology and acupuncture.

It has been said that the youthful appearance that we often talk about comes from the healthy state of our bone marrow, and the science community in Asian countries often claim the benefits of Qigong and bone marrow building exercises for their youthful appearances and great hair.

There are many ways to keep healthy, but bone marrow staying fresh and constantly exercised by doing stance training exercises like the commonly known horse stance in martial arts, is ideal to build and maintain healthy bone marrow in the body – this produces fresh blood, and pushes the nervous system to a new edge due to the constant practice of such exercises – so not only do you look younger, you also feel younger, and have great hair on your head even at a very old age.

What about genetics?

Yes genetics plays a role – but if you change your habits now, and build good exercise regimes, this itself already changes the expression of your genetics; genetics is often misunderstood as “destiny” but this is far from the truth – genetics is always constantly changing, and its expression is dependant on your diet, everyday emotions and your exercise levels (blood circulation to the organs etc).

Will drinking bone soup help with hair growth?

As a part of an overall regime, yes it will support health at its foundation, and will greatly increase nutritional density in your body and bones – constantly having this soup as well as exercising 3-4 times a week to your full extent (various exercises, not just one type) will surely support your youthful appearance and hair growth and quality of hair that is grown.

In natural healing, it must be understood that its very different from western healing methods of taking a pill and expecting results to come – in natural healing it is about doing everything you know that will help contribute towards your health and well being – including leaving friends that stress you out, or making new friends that support your emotional health rather than abuse it, improving your current food quality intake, increasing physical activity and a lot more all powerfully help towards increasing youthful appearance and hair growth.