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Do Genetics Limit your Potential as a Human?

dna limits

It is often a question asked by many people who are either looking to cosmetically improve their appearance from a cosmetic issue and they see to blame that genetics are to blame – but this is the biggest myth of the modern world!


Because we have yet to even discover, let alone have a clue, what most of the genetic code even entails – how it even functions; on top of that, no two scientists ever agree 100% on the same theory which we seem to think is a scientific fact, when that is really just not the case at all.

Until scientists can show, that we can trace a DNA, and build the entire face and features, trace by trace, of who the DNA belongs to, then it is simply silly to even think about saying that genes are therefore limiting your growth or evolution as a human.

The limits that some scientists seem to accidentally call genetic limits, are not really genetic, but more environmental – for example the social norms of the society you are born within have a great impact on how your health conditions will occur, including but not limited to, your eating habits as well as behaviour related to stress.

This also includes parents influencing your decisions on eating, and preferences towards certain brands and habits – this itself is not necessarily genetic, as can be directly learnt from the people around you, including parents or adopted parents.

So if you do feel that your health condition, be it cosmetically challenging, or an internal condition is genetically limiting you – don’t be disheartened if you hear it relates to genetic disposition, as you changing your patterns on all areas of life can have a direct impact on your health, including cosmetic.