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Natural Remedies for Hair Fall and Hair Growth

Natural Remedies for Hair Fall and Hair Growth


We always talk about natural remedies for hair or skin or whatever – but very few natural remedies that actually really work; we have reviewed each and every one of them out there, from the far east to the far west, and everything in between and have combined methods of helping people not only stop hair falling, but also help speed up hair growth, thicken hair growth and even regrow lost hair on the scalp.

Before we get into the natural remedies for hair growth, it must be understood, that remedies have evolved over the years – what worked before, does not always work now, and what works for one person, can differ on how it works to another person of the exact same age for various reasons.

Not only that, but to reach a deeper level of change, it is required to do multiple levels and layers of activities, consciously, to create that specific change wanted. Let’s get into the remedies:

Diet – This must be approached consciously. You cannot just say, oh yeah greens are good, junk is bad. This type of thinking is 90’s – we know more than this, in much more detail than this, so just saying a general statement and hardly doing much more about it, will never create the change you desire.

Most people with hair loss have anxiety issues (most of the planet right now is in more anxiety and stress than ever before, although a few percentage are able to handle in a way, where it does not affect their hair) – anyway, point is, anxiety constricts blood flow, which also causes health issues, not only hair thinning and slow hair growth – so the number one thing you need to do is take the most expensive vitamin B complex tablets you can find (food derived) – if you buy the cheap ones, they won’t work, as they aren’t that good quality, and won’t be bioavailable.

Another thing, sugar is what creates inflammation – by sugar, we define it as anything that contains fat, carbs or natural or unnatural sugar. This is to explain to you, all those things, feed inflammation; which is the cause of many health problems as well as hair problems. Simply stop it. Combination of this, with greens (steamed) and red meat (beef ideally to tonify your stomach) will help a lot – this is a combined remedy for naturally thickening hair.

Another layer or dimension of this remedy is to carry out a scalp massage on the whole head, for 30 minutes per day. This will help force blood all over, and push unusual amounts of blood, to help regenerate the scalp hair growth naturally – this is exactly what clinically proven solutions do for hair growth.

In terms of natural products for hair growth – there aren’t that many, but they are as follows; 

– B Complex Vitamins

– Taoist Soap (stops inflammation and is designed for use on the scalp for hair growth and hair problems)

The above two work powerfully together when combined with a scalp massage, exercise program and a powerful sugar/fat/junk free diet.

Oh and one more thing – try to not get your emotions hyped it – they create a direct chemical reaction in your body, and mess up around with your hormone system – such as excreting the stress hormone cortisol, which is fine in small amounts sometimes, but regularly will hurt the body and hormone regulation (and your hair).