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Exercises for Faster and Thicker Hair Growth

exercises for faster and thicker hair growth


Hair growth and regrowth is possible by men and women, but how can you increase the speed and thickness by using exercise alone?

Actually – the title is of this post is not accurate, we do state you need to do multiple things at one time to increase hair growth and regrow hair that was lost – doing one thing alone is not likely to get you very far, even if you do see results in the beginning.

That said, there are exercises you can do to help in contribution to everything else that you will do (see blog for full list).

There aren’t specific exercises but you can be creative if we tell you why you need to exercise – its for increasing blood circulation all over the body – one to the scalp and micro capillaries (which easily get blocked) – and two, for increasing body detox from the kidneys and liver – both are important to help the hair growth speeds and increase regrowth rate as well.

If you are also on the chubby side; it goes without saying that weight loss will help the hair growth – but this needs to be tackled by a lifestyle change, not starving yourself, because that will not help hair growth at all – so a balanced diet is a great stepping point along with exercises that make you get breathless.

We already talked about doing exercises that make you breathless for 30 minutes a day – this is important as it pushes your lymphatic system to work and pushes out extra toxins at extra hard level – the intention behind this is not weight loss, but toxin loss – this is why the duration is short and intensive – but can help with weight loss in the long term as less toxins equals better metabolism and bodys ability to perform.

What else can you do for hair growth speed and regrowth?

We have already mentioned diet and exercise in various ways in the blog, as well as products like the Taoist soap, which is designed for the scalp and helps stop hair loss but also increases hair growth speed by removing inflammation from the local regions.

Using the Immortals Oil is also a great oil for hair growth – you don’t have to use much, but when used at least 3-4 times a week before bed, you can definitely see results in 3-4 weeks; results depend on your diet and exercise as well, so if you change this, it will surely help with getting even better results.

Taking a B-Complex vitamins also help with anxiety and stress – it increases your ability to deal with stress. This is important, as many people suffer from stress without even realizing it – they think they are fine, but they actually aren’t – in todays time, everyone could use supplementing with B-complex vitamins; women generally notice it right away because they are more sensitive to subtle changes; men also notice it but after 2-3 weeks (it varies from individual to individual as some men are more sensitive to changes in their bodies).