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Does Eating Sugar Affect Hair loss?

hair thickening

It is often asked about what can affect hair loss and a lot of research clearly indicates that the main cause for hair loss is two things – lack of circulation and inflammation.

This actually covers a lot of ground, as hormone imbalances can cause inflammation, which then causes hair to thin out, and eventually fall over time – the same with circulation of blood – the capillaries in our scalp are so small that only one blood cell at a time can enter, so a block can easily happen if you regularly eat fat or sugar based foods (which is most of the western world today).

So does eating sugar affect hair loss?

Yes of course! Why?

Because sugar of all kinds (including most carbs, but not rice) feed inflammation in the body – if you stop feeding it, inflammation simply cannot happen, and this completely halts inflammation from the root cause. This is an amazing find, but it is difficult to completely do in today’s lifestyles – but you can still greatly reduce carbs and sugar from your diet at intervals, say, 2 weeks at a time, or for a couple of months, to help your body rejuvenate itself and allow for better management of sugar.

When you were much younger, your body would have been able to handle this lifestyle, but over time, this oxidizes the arteries and causes lack of blood flow and blockages all over the body (especially when you haven’t been exercising in some shape or form).

So should you starve yourself from all sugar just to keep your hair?

Not exactly. You have to be smart about this. Firstly, how badly do you want to keep your hair, or keep healthy?

If its important for you, then you will surely try to change your life style of eating this much sugar, and keep it to occasionally.

Is Inflammation really that bad?

The picture below shows to what extent inflammation can damage the body, forget hair thinning, its the root cause of most diseases at a physical level (because some diseases are caused from emotions which is out of the scope of this article).

inflammation for hair loss


Autoimmune diseases covers hair loss, including hereditary hair loss; so you have to understand, that inflammation is occurring in the body pretty often, for us to even get sick once in a while – changing lifestyle to zero sugar based foods will greatly help you to recover your body to healthier states (the body is more than capable of healing itself, if you allow it to).

You have to ask yourself about how healthy you want to have a life – if you don’t constantly work towards a healthier body, how do you expect to have a great quality of life when you are much older?

Most aging happens because of mismanaged foods and emotions; have you never seen very old people who look and behave as if they are 30+ years younger? This is not because they have special genetics (although that plays a role, but not the way you think) – it is mostly because of their emotional and food management – emotional meaning that they react differently to stressful situations, they know how to manage it (be it consciously or not) – and are able to keep their bodies at a healthier state.

Now look at people who are meditating regularly – most people who have meditated their whole lives look years younger and maintain that look throughout their whole lives simply because of better conscious decisions towards their health and well being – this is not a far stretched goal for anyone – if you can read this article, you are able to to renew and rejuvenate not only your hair issues, but also your whole body and feel great all the time.