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How does Caffeine Affect Hair Growth?

how does caffeine stop hair loss


Caffeine and Hair Growth РHow are they related, externally and when taken internally? 

Some people are claiming that caffeine can increase hair growth by a whopping 30% – including hair thickening as well as rate and speed of hair growth – but this study was conducted by only two companies – both whom are selling a caffeine shampoo (Alpecin and Plantur shampoo) – so they have financial interest in the results of the study, making the study already very questionable.

On a scientific level – the study was not conducted on hairs that are on the human skin – the hair were actually in a petri dish kind of environment – known as vitro – this means that hormones and insulin and other stress and food factors cannot affect the hair growth negatively on that hair – and that the hair when taken out of such an environment is placed in another stable environment like the petri dish – it WILL grow thicker and longer faster!

So the study is flawed Рusing a caffeine based shampoo will not help increase your hair growth or thicken hair growth Рhave a look at our top 10 hair growth shampoos that we have rated on our home page based on reviews, scientific results and medical groups who have taken part in the studies.

Video below by a person reviewing Alpecin Caffeine shampoo also explains this: