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Breathing deeper for better hair growth

breathing for hair growth


As crazy as it sounds, there is an actual link between deeper breathing and thicker hair growth in return (or regrowth) – and it looks like it cant be related but let us explain.

The deeper breathing has a direct connection with heart beat rate, and if you practice slow and deep breathing, like in meditation, you get a slower heart rate, and a slower heart rate (to an extent) creates a much healthy environment for the body and hormones, less stress hormones are created, and therefore a hormone imbalance is harder to be created from stress.

People under stress often breath very shallow, and by constant practice (15-20 minutes a day) it can slowly reduce the amount of stress in the heart, which slows the heart beat to a healthy level, reducing cortisol levels and relaxing muscles that are normally tense.

So if you have heard about meditation, this is another great reason to start meditation, not only for hair growth, but simply better quality of life from the clarity it brings afterwards. After all, there is a reason why it was practiced for thousands of years by various cultures and has been talked about a lot in modern times.

Bonus: Inflammation is also increased when stress levels are high, even when you are on a great diet, inflammation can still occur when an individual is stressed out from a situation, and is more easily stressed when heart beat is fast and breathing is slower.