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How to Resolve Cosmetic Allergies – Must Read

Cosmetics Aren't Equal


There are more cosmetic creams, lotions and soaps out there that could be using any kind of preservative in it that you could be allergic to – these days, there seems to be more products that people are allergic to, than any other time in history.

Some would say that its simply because of the technology and science we have today – but this is simply not true – but then why is it, that more and more cosmetic products produce allergic reactions and how do we solve it?

The first reply to such a question is, that companies are using harmful ingredients to preserve the creams and other cosmetics – but this cannot be the only answer as some of the ingredients used have been used for a long time.

Let’s first answer – why does an allergic reaction occur?

An allergic reaction to a chemical or ingredient occurs when the immune system cannot handle something, and on contact, it tries to attack it (inflammation and heat occurs on the area).

The other question is – is it the immune system that is weak? or is it the chemical that is too toxic?

The easy way to answer this is to compare to the rest of the population – if others can use a product freely, and one group of people only get the allergic reaction – then it is their immune system that cannot handle this and causes this reaction to occur.

So rather than blaming companies and ingredients being used in various products – it is most likely, just you that has a weak immune system and is unable to handle the cream.

This sounds harsh, but the reason for pointing this out is to help you help yourself – to boost your immune system, and make it stronger and capable of handling anything that comes its way.

How do you strengthen the immune system?

This is the age old question which some people think is not possible, and some simply don’t know – here are some obvious methods

Exercise: This means increasing difficulty over time. So first month if you can do 30 pushups at normal speed, then next month, aim to do 40 pushups at the same speed – or you can increase the speed and do 30 pushups in a certain amount of time, and reduce the amount of time it takes you to do 30 pushups – most people do not do exercise this way, they try to maintain their body – which is the biggest problem – there is no such thing as maintenance exercise – if you stay at the same pace, and exercise this way all your life, you are only exerting your body, and not boosting immune system nor cardiac system.

It is exercise when you constantly improve your system – maintenance exercise should not even exist in a healthy person’s mind-frame.

Exercise for immune function


Nutrition: This also is majorly misunderstood. People think a bunch of vegetables and salads will be enough. But do you realize how low their nutritional density is, compared to 20 years ago? You are not getting the same nutrition from this as you were getting it 20 years ago – this is why you have to think smart, and buy from various sources to keep your body guessing.

Having bone soup will reset the stomach’s ability to absorb more nutrition – as we are constantly eating, and never give our stomach a resting phase where it can regenerate itself – bone soup allows the stomach to do this, whilst you have a fully belly of warm soup as its very easy to digest, and has super nutrients inside it.

Emotional and Thinking Patterns: This is always left out as not enough know what this even means – but this refers to your patterns in life. If you are scared of something, you keep it away, and if you like something, you keep it near. For mentally growing, you must go for the things you do not understand, or are outside your comfort zone – of course, you have to do this in a sensible way.

For example – if you have a fear of something – the best thing is to study about it – gain more knowledge about the topic and side topics around it. This is the best way to remove fear in any situation.

change thought patterns

Some people have a pattern of blaming themselves if something bad happens – that person needs self reflection time, and to be educated that this is simply not the case.

The reason emotional and thinking patterns are important for boosting immune function is because they have a direct impact on your body and hormone excretion ability. A person who is constantly stressed out, releases more stress hormones which eventually exhaust the body if it stays this way for months and months – this is why it is important to reflect on your thoughts and emotions and see what is a better way to handle something.

Extremes of any emotions are not healthy as they deplete the endocrine system which then causes further depletion of the immune system. Don’t you feel exhausted after politely laughing at a joke that was not that funny? This is similar to how your body gets after extreme emotional expression.

Those who suffer from anger need to re-think why they get angry – is the situation that important that you have to waste your endocrine system out on it and aging yourself faster? Besides, most situations in life are better handled by calm and centered people who do not face extremes of emotions, or at least don’t extremely express them.

Of course this does not mean you start becoming a robot, as this too is extreme – so the key word here is balance.

balance nature