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Scalp Massage helps Hair Loss

It is now understood from our previous post on causes for hair loss, that inflammation is responsible; it doesn’t matter what causes the inflammation in the scalp, DHT hormone or drugs or stress, point was that inflammation is the culprit you want to get rid of from your scalp (let alone your whole body!).

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One effective way to help stop or reduce inflammation is to massage the region and region around the scalp; a good, slow, 30 minute scalp massage before bed is the best thing you can do for your scalp, because not only will help to greatly reduce inflammation, but it will also help unclog capillaries in the scalp which could also be a cause of the inflammation to occur in the first place!

Scalp massage has been used for hundreds of years for various reasons; and what we don’t understand is, as we grow older, we carry more and more stress in our bodies, and if we do not do things to get rid of that, we will only build it up and accelerate our aging process.

If you massage your scalp for long enough, oils actually start producing in your head and oil your hair! This is not going to happen for people suffering from hair loss (not most anyway) – but is a good sign and you should continue massage of the scalp on a daily basis.

Will Only Doing Scalp Massage daily stop hair loss?

It is hard to answer that, as everyone has different conditions within their bodies. But the best way to approach any kind of healing, be it for hair loss, or very serious conditions like cancer, it is important to understand that you must do everything in your knowledge to handle the situation – this means not only massage, this also means watch your diet, are you eating foods that cause inflammation? are you exercising enough? are you meditating enough to help you stay strong and calm in your thoughts? Believe it or not, over-thinking too, causes inflammation! How? because it its a form of stress, which will eventually release stress hormone cortisol.