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Things you Didn’t know About Caffeine Shampoos

alpecin-shampoo-review-things-you-did-not-knowThere is a lot of talk on caffeine shampoos, such as the alpecin shampoo, plantur 39 shampoo and even the alpecin liquid version – but do they really grow hair because of the caffeine in them?

Caffeine is known to constrict blood flow, so this was surprising that someone stated that caffeine can do this to hair growth – and when looked more closely – if applied topically, caffeine will actually do the opposite of hair growth – if anything, it will increase hair thinning if you are already suffering from it!

I know it sounds ridiculous – but read this article here, as well as do a google search, and you will find scholarly articles and documents proving this – that caffeine restricts blood flow.

So how are these shampoo’s being sold online as hair growth products?

These shampoos do not actually help hair growth – but are filled with fatty substances that inflate the hair shaft, making it appear thicker as long as the shampoo is used regularly – this means more business for the shampoo company, but no real results for the end user, if they are hoping to get real results, that is.

If it’s not your thing to grow thicker hair, and you are happier to just have this temporary effect, then these types of shampoos are fine – although they may cause further inflammation and may make current hair situation worse, over time (over 1-3 year use).

If you are interested in actually thickening hair – looking for a product right away, is silly – you need to look internally – what went wrong; because clearly one of these aspects have a problem and need work on – as follows:

– Circulation: This includes circulation to your scalp, vessels in your scalp and around it, and the general body and organs. Even reduced organ circulation will cause hair loss – as toxicity build up will result in inflammation increase in the scalp – a fix for this is, cardio everyday, and scalp massage everyday.

– Hormone: You may be addicted to sugars, which are keeping hormones imbalanced, and preventing thicker hair from even forming – reducing all sugars, including natural, as well as carbs and fat (which are also classified as sugar in this case) and going on a lean meat protein diet with leafy greens, will help hormone detox and balance itself out. You will also look years younger than you can imagine if done for 2 weeks.

– Emotional Stability: Here is most people go wrong today and is most under-rated. Emotions affect hormones, and hormones will then imbalance, and affect the body, and the way you look, including hair and skin. There is a fix for this, and it’s a combination of exercise as well as meditation of 30 minutes a day. Meditation helps reset the thought framework of the mind, and you just have to sit there and breath, and try to not linger any thoughts too long – its actually work, and not necessarily relaxing – as it looks – although afterwards you will feel more balanced and relaxed – done for long enough, you will see real results on your face and hair and emotional stability.

After you have dealt with the above – you should consider buying products to support your goals – we have rated the top hair growth products on our homepage here.

Can Drinking too much Caffeine Affect Hair Loss?

caffeine for hair

Can caffeine have a positive or negative effect on hair growth for men and women who are having hair thinning problems?

This is a common question asked today in various forums online and offline, and is rarely answered in completeness.

Caffeine taken in high and frequent dosages can have a negative impact on hair because it over-stimulates the adrenal glands which then cause an imbalance in the blood (hormonally as well as Insulin) which then causes problems on hair growth.

It is a myth that caffeine can help boost hair growth – especially when taken orally; but funny enough, there are caffeine based shampoos that have been created which have done in-house studies apparently proving that adding caffeine to the scalp helps hair growth – this too is a myth, because the in-house study conducted the experiment in a test tube environment which was not inside the human body – the whole point of the experiment should have been how caffeine interacts with hormones and other blood balances in the body, but it failed to look into this in appropriate detail – hence this experiment is completely flawed, but still proves that hormone imbalances have a direct effect on the hair and hair loss/growth.

In Eastern medical thinking, it is believed that the blood is responsible for hair issues – this is true if you look at what blood contains, and this includes hormones as well as insulin – not only that, but if circulation is poor, blood cannot reach appropriately to the areas where it is needed – in the scalp – this causes inflammation because of poor circulation, as well as old hormone sitting in the scalp which is not being circulated, causing inflammation – this is the process of hair falling out.

To stop this process, one has to act on various levels to stop the hair falling out – one, is to massage your scalp, and two is to stop inflammation at the root level, by using something like the Taoist Handmade soap directly on the scalp and leaving it on for at least 3 minutes at a time – daily use might not be needed, but this depends on person to person – the other thing is the diet and exercise factors which need to be looked in – sugar and carbs must be cut down greatly, and if you are overweight, you must start to lose your weight to help this healing process to accelerate – its proven that less calories reverses biological aging, which is a beautiful phenomenon.

It is safe to say that the pharmaceutical industry does not want this information out in the open because the hair loss products created by them will be greatly affected – as all of them are meant to be taken for life, and even then, they most likely do not work in regrowing the hair in the scalp – which is not real healing in the first place.

That said, there are scientists genuinely trying to find cures for the bald who might want to invest a lot of money in hair re-growth, from stem cell research to carefully crafted chemicals that will boost hair growth – but the time for these are not now, as we do not have such pharmaceutical products – it is better to take the natural approach by changing your entire lifestyle and approaching this in a more positive way – as renewal of the body is always possible, as long as the body is alive (because your cells are constantly replicating to keep the current situation as it is).