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How to Increase Blood Flow to Hair Follicles – Most Effective Methods

hair and circulation

There is a lot of evidence that clearly suggests that hair growth and quality of hair (as well as the lack of hair, ie balding) depends greatly on blood circulation on the scalp – It seems that people look for more evidence and trails by companies, but one thing has to be understood – these tests are not open to the public, as they are the individual research company’s property, they are rarely every fully produced to the public unless a product is launched (their own) which will support the product sales.

That said – there is a lot of evidence that suggests that improved scalp circulation will cause hair growth, regrowth and also grow better quality of hair – this is because minoxidil (do not buy) is one drug that was designed to open vessels for heart patients, but they found it helps (temporarily) when applied to the scalp – the problem is, it only does this short term, and you have to keep using it for life – if you stop or delay, then hair loss will only increase as the body gets used to it and needs it for circulation on the applied areas – so this is not a real solution to the hair problem.

The good news is – now that you know that circulation can increase or regrow hair – you also know that scalp massage will increase circulation, and over time, grow thicker and healthier hair.

A daily scalp massage of 15-20 minutes is the goal.

What if you don’t see enough results from the scalp massage?

Results vary to each individual – but great results can be achieved if you really want them – you just have to work a little harder to get them – and in case of not getting enough results, or wanting faster results, it is a good idea to combine them with other things, such as below:

– Anti inflammation: You need to prevent inflammation in the scalp. Many people have inflammation in their body – but when you have more of it, it causes diseases and circulation problems as well as hair follicles cannot grow hair in such an environment. So the best way around this is to improve your diet (avoid sugar and carbs) and focus on meat diets (without the fats) – this is done because inflammation feeds from sugar, and when you dont eat sugar long enough, inflammation cannot occur – how long not to eat sugar depends on each individual and how their past was with eating sugar foods – but 1 month to 2 years is the range – you should consult with your doctor in case your health condition can be affected by this diet.

– Anti Inflammation Products: There are products that can help local areas to reduce inflammation, but you still should avoid sugars or at least consistently reduce it if you cannot let go altogether – but these products are rated here on our homepage – and Zeavive is one of those products.

Remember – the power to do this is within each person to help them improve their health – be it for cosmetic purposes or internal health or mental health, but discipline is required to do this – the above are some of the most powerful methods that will start working from day 1.