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Body Physiology and Effectiveness of Products

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Each person’s physiology is different – how their body reacts to different foods and emotions is different, to the very way we see a colour is different (watch this video if you’re not sure what we mean).

So how can we expect that the same product or drug work for our health, be it for hair, skin, internal organs or emotional health? 

The truth is, that even when we eat food, our body reacts different to another person’s body – we have seen people of the same age, who can eat a lot and stay very thin, and whilst others who eat average find it difficult to lose weight.

Why is this important to understand?

Because if you understand this, that the body is different, just like our fingerprints are different from each other, or eye biometrics – so is how our organs and hormone systems. This means that it is truly up to is, to find the way for our own unique health and emotional balance, nobody else can do it for us, other than guide us (such as this article is attempting to do).

So how can one find out how their body and emotions react and what is idea for them?

One way is to study the ways that other people have adopted and try them out – but another is to be conscious of your body and intend to really see what affects it positively and negatively. Of course to some extent what affects most people will affect you in a similar way – such as sugar will feed inflammation – but how and to what extent is up to your body and immune system, this can be built if you really want it to be built.

Next time you eat, notice if that food makes you feel active and energetic and clear of thoughts, or does it make you feel sluggish afterwards – usually the foods making you feel sluggish are the ones you need to avoid – but also note the quantity. Sometimes a lesser quantity of the same food which was previously negative, can be positive for you if taken less often or in small portions.

These are often important aspects of health which are rarely ever talked about because you can’t exactly sell a product or service to them – you are fully giving the individual full responsibility for their own health, which is a key part in improving today’s society as a human race.

Please do share this article if you found it useful – even if you don’t agree 100%, take from it what makes sense, and leave the rest behind.