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Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo Review



The Alpecin double effect shampoo has been another release by Alpecin the German shampoo company – it has been taken by storm due to the intense advertisements all over europe; but what do the reviews say about the double effect shampoo?

As we have discussed on our blog as well as our main review center for hair growth shampoos here, the Alpecin shampoo (including the double effect version) is not effective for most people when it comes to helping with hair thinning – this is simply because having caffeine in the shampoo does not actually do anything to the hair follicles; the study conducted was not accurate as it was not inside a human body, where hormones and inflammation affect the hair follicles growth rate – it was in a Vito (in a petri dish environment) where it was unaffected by organic stress and was soaked in caffeine 24/7 – and they seemed to conclude that hair grows better in caffeine – which is completely false.

The reviews on various forums and verified users on social media have all indicated that this shampoo does not really work for hair loss – one only has to do a review search on yYouTubeand most people want it to work, but it simply has nothing to offer, scientifically, or magically.

ways to regrow hair 33

But are there ways to thicken hair and regrow new hair growth for men and women out there?

Of course there are, but its not as simply as just using a product or two once a day and getting results – if that is the kind of thing you are looking for, then you might as well give up as you won’t find that.

But if you are willing to put in the effort to get the results, then the sky is your limit.  Firstly, we have mentioned this on our blog posts many times, but we repeat so it is not missed, as it is essential to understand when it comes to naturally thickening hair, or any kind of natural healing Рone must do many things on many levels to get real results Рthis means everything from your emotional patterns, diet and exercise regimes as well as your everyday habits are all included in this Рit is about being more conscious on the things you do, and how it affects your body (including your hair).

Diet: Things like fried foods, sugar (fruit or chocolate) and fats all help slow down hair growth and even make hair fall if taken enough. All people suffering from hair loss usually have a sweet tooth or a carb addition of some kind which they are not aware of – however big or small, it is contributing to your hair thinning (applies to men and women) – so removing these from your diet for a period of 6 months is a great start to getting your health and mental well being back.

The diet you would ideally need to be on is a protein diet (lean meats, no skin or fatty parts of the animal) with leafy greens like kale and spinach – this is a rather extreme sounding diet, but it is the only diet that will reset your hormone system, as well as reset the hair follicles and allow them to regrow lost hair.

Scalp Massage – this is a must for 30 minutes a day at least – it pushes out toxins as well as unblocks blocked areas of the scalp.

Emotional stability: The diet mentioned above will help with emotional stability in the long term, although you will feel cravings in the first 2 weeks of the diet, and this will make you feel a lot of various emotions, but sticking to it will greatly help – but on the other hand, emotional stability here means you stop worrying about everything – take a step back any time something stressful happens and observe it as if you are watching a movie; the most powerful person lets things be as they are; and eventually things unfold your way as you needed them.

Feeling extremes of emotions releases stress hormones which cause inflammation – and inflammation is the root cause of hair thinning in men and women – even if the problem is hormonal, it is the inflammation that makes the hair follicle stop producing hair – so if you practice being calm even when you want to be angry, you exercise instead, will build a real long term habit into your body and you won’t have hormonal imbalances or serious cases of inflammation.

After you have been doing the above for at least 3 weeks – then you can try products that work for hair growth and regrowth – products such as the Taoist soap which is designed for the scalp and stops inflammation is a remarkable product for hair in men and women (only need to apply on the scalp) – Other products include Zeavive cream which is known to regenerate skin and hair follicles when applied daily and protect them from oxidization.