Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

So how does it work?

Circulation seems like the obvious answer – but its not only just circulation. Its detoxification. As blood already exists on the scalp, but the extremely tiny vessels get blocked easily, and reduces circulation – blood will remain in there, but actual flow will not occur, causing it to almost rot, let alone cause inflammation (the main cause of hair loss) which can be visible, but inflammation does not have to be visible on the surface of the skin to actually be taking place.

By constantly massaging the whole scalp, you are not only pushing out dead weight in the scalp, and toxins, but also unclogging thinned out vessels which have reduced the circulation because they are saturated with fat deposits from fatty foods.

For scalp massage to be effective, you need to do it at least 30 minutes everyday – you do not need an oil, but there is a well known oil called Immortal’s oil for hair growth, which is a infusion not found anywhere but online – it also helps stop inflammation that is occurring.

If you are unsure, here is a video that explains the process of scalp massage for hair growth:


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