Quickly Help Boost Hair Growth and Recover Hair loss

recover from hair loss

Many ways to improve the quality of your hair on the head – but this one that we have is not known at all in most medical systems, and is such a simple method, that anyone can start right now, without needing to purchase anything else.

Before we get into what it is, one must understand the reason why hair growth may stop or slow down in people – one of them being hormones imbalance (DHT to others in men and women) as well as nutrition quality (this is a major problem today) – although those things cause inflammation, which then causes the hair to actually stop producing and falling out – but we can still deal with them in the right way and help stop it.

What is a quick way to boost your health as well as help stop the hair from falling out even more?

Go intense walking or jump rope skipping for 3-5 minutes only! I know this sounds crazy – but the objective here is not fat loss or anything like that – but to push the body as hard as you can everyday for 3-5 minutes of intense cardio, where it forces the blood in the extremities of your body, and helps circulation all over – this helps rebalance hormones, but also force blood into vessels which may have reduced circulation due to clogging (which is common in most humans today).

Jump Rope for hair


Constantly doing 5 continuous minutes of jump rope skipping is enough to push blood constantly in an unusual way, which helps the body get rid of toxins that are stuck in the extremities of the body helping it renew it better the next time around – this not only helps the hair and scalp, but also to keep beautiful youthful skin and eyes.

Reaching 5 minutes of skipping is not an easy task for everyone – so you can start by doing 1 minute or 30 seconds skipping, with 2 minutes break, and then 30 seconds again – and so on – I personally started with 3 x 30 second rounds, then added them to 1 min a day skipping, and increased to 2 min a day – sometimes I did multiple times a day to help my body improve its performance – but you should know your limit, and if you are very overweight and cant do this, then go out in the park or wherever, and walk as fast as you possibly can, for 5 minutes constantly – this should be easier than skipping.

So the next time you wonder why you have bad skin, or hair falling – then its a good idea to do some skipping – it only takes 3-5 minutes of your time, and gives you great health benefits you might not have gotten otherwise.

Yes, if you did jogging for 1 hour a day, that might have helped with your hair problem too – but you must be increasing intensity and making your body guessing – because just comfortably doing jogging for an hour or more a day is taxing on the heart, and does not help with overall health (just need to look at long distance runners and know that this is not a sign of great health – plus, their life expectancy is still the average, which also explains this).

Hope this helps you add more routines to your everyday life to improve your health.



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