Is Re-Growing Hair even Possible?

Regrowing Hair

When looking at the possibilities of the human body; we already know that the human DNA has a section which is the same as some reptiles have to re-grow their limbs and internal organs – the gene was discovered a few years ago – but does the human body have capability to regenerate things like hair that has been lost for years?

The question is actually very flawed – why? Because the human body is replicating itself all the time – in 10 years time, the bones in your entire body are completely replaced!

So why can’t the human body regenerate lost hair?

It must be understood first that hair loss is a problem of the skin, and not of the hair – hair is not separate from the skin – it actually grows inside of the skin, so if you wish to regenerate hair on the scalp, the skin is something you should be concerned with.

There are various factors influencing your skin (hair) which are as follows, and each has to be looked at carefully, by yourself, and examined on what area you could be struggling with, or having issues with:

Hormonal: This is most important and most common; hormonal changes can affect directly the growth of hair on your scalp as well as your whole skin in the body -why? Because stress hormones can actually change the balance in your body which can create a harsh environment for your hair to grow.

Mental: This includes stress, and is very closely linked to hormonal hair loss; this means that if you are constantly stressed, you will surely get hair loss, let alone other diseases. A stressed body is more tense, reduces in blood flow, which causes a lot of problems for the body to regenerate itself – it can only replicate itself if you feed it the right nutrients as well as allow blood flow all over the body – so if your blood flow is blocking, then you need to do something about it; by exercising!

Exercise routine: Every human being needs exercise; be it going for really long brisk walks, to running till you are very breathless; this is important as this is the way the human body regenerates – over-doing it also can hurt the body, so be sensible – deep inside, you know what level is right for you, what is challenging enough for you, not easy, but hard enough – start from there.

Are these factors enough? 

No they are not – the attitude you should take when approaching hair loss or any kind of health condition is, it is never enough, you have to keep striving to create a balance within your body – this is what life is about, constantly striving for balance.

Understand that life is beautiful, don’t allow yourself to be tied up in social norms (although don’t be an outcast too) – and don’t allow anyone to tell you what your limitations are – only you are able to tell if you had enough, and if you keep striving for more, your body will build itself this way, and allow you to overcome hair loss let alone serious health conditions.


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