Does the Alpecin Shampoo Work for Hair Loss?

alpecin shampoo for hair loss

As you already know from the title of this website, its about Alpecin and how effective it is for hair loss – and to review if it does work for hair loss or not.

The Alpecin shampoo was designed by a German company to prevent and stop hair loss from further progressing on the following science – to block DHT.

Blocking DHT to prevent hair loss is like trying to break the door of the car, to prevent it from moving forward.


Because DHT is not what causes the hair to actually fall off or thin in the first place – it never was, and never will be!

But so many health websites clearly explain the effects of DHT on hair loss, how can anyone make such a statement after it has been “proven”?

DHT causes inflammation, which THEN causes hair loss. This is the secret wording that is intentionally left out of most pharmaceutical research, as there are already known methods of preventing and stopping inflammation.

This is why the Alpecin shampoo might work, but it might not, because its not really targeting the reason behind hair loss! Also, what if your hair loss is not from DHT, but from other things in the body that causes inflammation?

It definitely won’t ¬†work in that case!

When looking for a real solution for hair loss, finding a random DHT blocker just won’t cut it – you need to handle the problem from a deeper rooted situation, which is inflammation.

You ask, are there anti-inflammation shampoos out there that help stop hair loss and regrow hair?

Yes! One of them is called the Taoist Handmade Soap – its actually a soap designed for hair and skin (in Chinese medicine, hair and skin are the same thing, because the hair follicle is within the skin when the hair is produced).

This soap is produced using ingredients so gentle, it’s edible. None of our testers wanted to test to eat it however, but the results on stopping inflammation for hair growth were outstanding!

The soap is sold by Рthe price is around £30, but it lasts over 6 months to a year depending on how often you use it.


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