Does the Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo Work?

does alpecin caffeine shampoo work

You already know that the Alpecin Caffeine shampoo is made by a German company that did in-house studies on the effects of Caffeine on hair strands and hair follicles – but does this shampoo work, what scientific theory does it have to back it up?

The study that was conducted for this was that they added caffeine to hair follicles that were in a test tube environment (not on the actual scalp) to carry out the study – this means two things:

1. Hair follicles did not get exposed to Hormones and the natural stresses of the body. So for all we know, the hair grew thicker because of the simple fact that it was not exposed to such a harsh environment; kinda like keeping plants indoors, they usually thrive because outdoors is a harsher environment for them with lots of wind blowing and rain and other activity going on.

2. The hair was also drowned in caffeine, whereas the shampoo only touches the scalp for 5-10 minutes, and that is nothing compared to the amount of exposure the experiments conducted would prove.

So the theory of this caffeine based shampoo is flawed, because there are no hormones or any insulin spikes in a test tube environment, nor is there sugar consumption measured since some studies say excessive sugar increases hair loss, so how could hair loss get affected in the first place?

You are better off taking a B complex supplement for hair loss than using the Alpecin shampoo – why? Because at least with the B complex, you will manage your stress better (increases the body’s capacity to handle stress) even if it does nothing for actually re-growing hair on the head.


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