Does Hair Loss mean I am Unhealthy?

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As if people on average don’t have confidence issues these days, we have one more thing to wonder – if hair loss really means that a person is unhealthy or unattractive?

The problem with such a question is, that we are looking at life in a 2 dimensional way, like we look at a cartoon, or a picture on paper – we are ignoring the fact that our lives are multidimensional.

Yes and no – if you are a man with hair loss, you can either be very sexually potent, or the exact opposite, so it does not actually mean you are unhealthy – its simply a part of today’s environment we get this result on our bodies – its not necessary that it is unhealthy.

If your confidence is really being hurt from hair loss, then you need to see the deeper reasons why; rather than ignoring it – because ignoring it will never resolve it, and will turn into something not so pleasant.

But how do you resolve such a thing?

Understand that taking care of your health, by seeking more knowledge, as well as doing everything in your power to balance your health, is what real beauty means – no, beauty is actually not skin deep – beauty is bone deep!

It is your bones that produce your blood (inside the bone marrow) – and as long as you have fresh supply of new blood, your body is able to rejuvenate its internal organs – the more rejuvenated the internal organs are, the better the body is able to focus on the healing of extra processes in the body such as producing healthy thick beautiful hair – whether you are a man or a women, this applies to everyone.

The magic is in tricking yourself to believe it for even 1 day

If you can convince yourself just for one day, that you are exactly as you need to be, in appearance of your hair, and it has no reflection on your hair, then you will already have started to change your hormonal excretion and already have started to naturally change your hormonal balance!

You ask for proof and evidence on this?

How ridiculous that people ask for evidence for such a thing – use your common sense rather than depending on “scientific studies” which are almost always done for a business purpose rather than to provide 100% truth.

Its a known fact that when you get stressed, your body releases stress hormones – so if you are the exact opposite, your body naturally will release happy hormones and stop releasing stress hormones – this is what is re-balancing your system, and will HUGELY help in stopping hair thinning problems.

But is hair loss or self confidence whilst having hair loss only ever related to hormones?

Of course not – it almost always is a mixture of various things, including hormonal, because your state of mind directly affects your hormonal excretion – but a key factor which many people miss out is scalp massage for your hair.

Why scalp massage?

It is the most boring thing you can do, I am sure that is what most people think – but actually doing a daily 20 minute scalp massage can restore your hair in more than one way – the obvious one being related to blood circulation – I am sure you know, that the blood capillaries in the scalp are so thin, that only one blood cell can pass through it at a time – this means that clogging these capillaries is just as easy – massaging the scalp all over regularly forces the lymphatic system of the body (in this case, of the scalp area) to revive and work harder as unnatural movement is happening, so clogged areas get forced to unblock themselves to allow fresh renewing and rejuvenating blood flow to happen again!

Isn’t it beautiful?

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