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Hair Care Tips for Women – 2018

Many hair salons neglect your hair. This may simply be because they lack the knowledge of how to look after their hair properly. In the following article, you will be given advice to help you get your hair into the best condition possible.

Healthy hair is the result of a healthy body. Drink plenty of water, and eat a healthy and balanced diet in order to maintain great hair. You can keep your hair strong and healthy by making sure you consume plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats.

If you feel as if your hair is dry, here is something that you can try. After thoroughly washing your hair and wringing it out until it’s less damp, work in your conditioner and put a shower cap over your head. Stay like this for several minutes. Your body heat will activate and allow your conditioner to penetrate the hair.

Use hair products that have sunscreen, to avoid sun damage. Over time, exposure to the sun may damage your hair and adversely affect the way it looks and feels. By taking additional measures to protect your hair, you ensure that it looks and feels great and retains its color.

Keep in mind that using a blow dryer to dry your hair, can damage it if you use it wrong. Ditch high heat, and use the coolest setting on your hair dryer. Use your hands to detangle your hair while drying it so that you can brush it smoothly when it is dry.

To have the most beautiful hair, eat as healthily as you can! Your hair is living tissue, and it should be supplied with beneficial nutrients to ensure its growth. Poor dietary intake with nutrient deficiency can cause brittle, fragile and dull hair. A serious loss in these nutrients can lead to you losing your hair. Ensure that you are eating the right foods to have the best hair health.

Do not continue use one brand of conditioner or shampoo. When you change brands every now and then, your hair may react positively. For example, one brand of shampoo might get rid of residue from another brand; try to keep the scalp clean and healthy.

When brushing hair, always begin with the bottom layer of your hair, and work upward. If the ends are knotted, untangle them with care in order to prevent them from breaking. As the knots work out, you can start doing slow strokes from the roots to the tips.

At the end of a long day, you may see that your hair has less luster and bounce, so utilize a spritzing regime with natural spring water. After spritzing your hair with the water, gently massage it in with short, circular motions. This can increase the volume of your hair.

Minimize the risk of hair damage that the sun causes. There are sunscreen products for hair. A hat is also good to wear. Most people know how important it is to protect your skin, but it is important to protect your hair too. The sun can do just as much damage to your hair as it can to your skin.

Dandruff can have many causes. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that if your hair is oily you are more likely to get dandruff. Most people think that it’s caused by dry hair, but that’s not true. For fast results, opt for a gentle shampoo or products that are specially formulated to eliminate dandruff.

Do not wash your hair everyday. Frequent washing will strip away the natural oils in your hair, leaving it more vulnerable to problems. It’s healthier to give your hair a wash every other day instead. If your hair isn’t overly oily, you may want to wash it just once weekly.

Although it might be cheaper to highlight or dye your hair on your own, it is better to have a professional do it. A home kit may do your hair a lot of damage and it can cost a lot to fix it. A good stylist can give you the hair you’re looking for with minimal damage.

Hair grows about half an inch monthly. While there are those that think that trimming your hair promotes growth, it does not. Trims eliminate split ends and help to control frizz. Therefore, trimming is vital to keeping your hair looking healthy.

If you absolutely must blow-dry your hair, be sure to add a leave-in conditioner while doing so. This will make your hair less likely to dry out, which can make it fall out as well. Try to blow dry your hair as little as possible.

Always use a product designed to protect your hair from heat if you regularly use a curling iron or blow your hair dry. Even though these particular products were made to protect against frizzy hair, all kinds of hair could benefit from them. Hairs will be safe from heat damage and stay sleek and smooth when you use these sprays.

Start your brushing motion at the ends of the hair, and progress until you have removed all knots. Once your hair is smooth and untangled, start brushing from the top where the roots start, right down to the tips. Doing so will aid in carrying your hair’s natural oils to the tip.

Always put on a swimming cap when you visit the pool. Chlorine strips your hair of natural oils and encourages dehydration. If a swim cap isn’t available, then you should wash your hair immediately after getting out of the pool to rinse out the chlorine.

B6 is a vitamin that is often overlooked in peoples’ diets. It is a very essential part of keeping dandruff away, so make sure that you are getting plenty of B6 each day. This ensures that dandruff will not be as prevalent on your scalp.

As you already know, a lot of people forget to think about caring for their hair. Most times, this is simply due to lack of knowledge on proper hair care. Not that you’ve gotten this helpful information, you are ready to improve the health and style of your hair.

How to Increase Hair Growth – Contemporary List

how to increase hair growthThe list on techniques on how to increase hair growth rate is endless – but this list is and will probably be, the most powerful list you will come across online. If you haven’t already, please read our older blog post titled “Exercises for Faster and Thicker hair growth” where we have covered this in a different perspective.

Increasing hair growth naturally for men and women requires doing everything you can, in a format of a regime, and to do it so much, that you forget that it is even a regime, but a lifestyle instead!

This is the secret to creating true change in any aspect of your life, be it for hair growth speed, or changing other aspects about your life, health or wealth.

So let’s start with the list of the ways to increasing hair growth:

1. Scalp massage

We already covered why scalp massage is important in increasing hair growth rate in our older blog post titled Scalp Massage for hair growth; it covers how to do it, and why it works for hair growth for men and women.

2. Oil for Hair Growth

Oil’s application help the point number one, which is scalp massage – using an effective powerful oil for this scalp massage will only increase the rate of hair growth. One such oil that is known for this is the Immortal’s Oil, Coconut oil, Emu Oil and others – but we often recommend the Immortal’s oil simply because they are most effective and people have seen greatest results using it in terms of hair growth speed as well as regrowth of new hair.

3. Diet and Supplements for Hair Growth

The foods that help with hair growth will be things like red meat and other animal protein. Most ideal is red meat as it gets digested the fastest for absorbing the correct amino acids required for hair building – taking a supplement of B-complex and Niacin will also benefit greatly – See article titled “Does Niacin help with hair Growth?” for more information.

There is an endless supply of methods you can do – from inversion table for hair growth, head stands, using other oils in certain combinations – so, please bookmark this page as we will be updating this page regularly with the last and effective methods for fastest and healthiest hair growth.

Does Niacin help with Hair Growth?

Emotional Health for Beauty


Niacin (Vitamin B3) is a water soluble vitamin which is required by the body at a constant rate (like all B vitamins); it is required constantly because the body cannot hold onto these and store them for later use.

What is the significance of Niacin Vitamin supplementation for hair growth and naturally thickening hair for men and women?

This is the question often asked – and people are often looking for studies on hair growth and Niacin.

This is one of the few vitamins which can almost instantly cause something known as a flush – which is expansion of the blood vessels (for up to 20 minutes at a time, depending on dosage taken) – this expansion of vessels has a very beneficial effect on helping blood circulation and improving natural states of health – but is this flush the only benefit?

Not exactly – although the flush is an important part of the Niacin benefit (so don’t get the anti-flush Niacin they sell), in terms of helping regrow thicker hair, it is not the only major reason it helps with hair growth in men and women – Niacin helps the nerves to relax, and thus helping the stopping of stress hormones to constantly being released (which drain the body, but also cause hair problems).

Is the Niacin flush dangerous?

No – it is helpful – the first time you experience it, you might think you are getting warm, or tingly, but this is perfectly fine. People often take it before bed so that they don’t have to be awake to experience it, but it is not actually a bad thing to experience.

How should I start taking Niacin for hair growth, and what dosage?

Niacin should be started on a low dosage, like 50 mg per day, then 100 mg per day after 1 week – and doubling every week, and maintaining at 500 mg per day. This should be taken long term for at least 18 months if you want to experience the full benefits of Niacin.

Where should I buy Niacin from? What is the best brand out there?

B3 vitamins are usually sold in varying qualities which the companies often don’t disclose, but reliable companies often charge a lot more than others for good quality ones – so buy the most expensive one you can; be sure it is actually expensive, and not just being over priced by the retailer you happen to visit or website you first see.

We have experience with using Solgar B3 Vitamins – which are actually very cheap but still expensive for its range – and have found their supplements to be of good quality – but be sure to eat B3 vitamins with food, or after eating a meal.

What studies have been done to match Niacin with hair growth?

Many users have reported better quality hair after taking Niacin. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime, you can definitely help your hair growth positively. You can read more information by clicking here about Niacin and its studies.


Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

So how does it work?

Circulation seems like the obvious answer – but its not only just circulation. Its detoxification. As blood already exists on the scalp, but the extremely tiny vessels get blocked easily, and reduces circulation – blood will remain in there, but actual flow will not occur, causing it to almost rot, let alone cause inflammation (the main cause of hair loss) which can be visible, but inflammation does not have to be visible on the surface of the skin to actually be taking place.

By constantly massaging the whole scalp, you are not only pushing out dead weight in the scalp, and toxins, but also unclogging thinned out vessels which have reduced the circulation because they are saturated with fat deposits from fatty foods.

For scalp massage to be effective, you need to do it at least 30 minutes everyday – you do not need an oil, but there is a well known oil called Immortal’s oil for hair growth, which is a infusion not found anywhere but online – it also helps stop inflammation that is occurring.

If you are unsure, here is a video that explains the process of scalp massage for hair growth:


Natural & Most Effective Ways to Thicken Hair for Men and Women

natural ways to thicken hair


Natural ways to thicken hair can be found everywhere – but most of them are not understood as they are adopted individually or looked upon as what works and what doesn’t – for example, people saying to try out a new hair thickening method, or pill or product, and then seeing if it works and then adding more – to some extent this is fine – but sometimes just doing one method which actually is helping, will not show its effects until combined with other methods.

This is understood in cooking – when you make a recipe, its about all the ingredients mixing in well and giving the taste – not about individual level, where adding only salt will make something taste better without anything else – making soup needs mostly water if you think about it – largest aspect of it is water based – but is water alone soup? You need all the other ingredients to complete it and make it tasting great – this is the same with natural healing, including hair thickening ways (but can be applied to everything).

It is a universal truth about healing – you can’t expect  to have a magic pill to resolve all issues – each person’s hair thinning or condition is different – some people get hair thinning from eating too much sugar, some get it from stress, some get it from a combination of everything – the same with healing, some can get great results from just one or two methods or remedies, but ideally, to get full on fast results, you need to do everything sensibly possible.


So what are some remedies that are known to work for thickening hair and speeding up hair growth in men and women?

1. Diet: Balanced diet with no sugar and carbs will speed up hair growth the fastest way possible. Make sure you are getting enough proteins.

2. Exercise: You need to exercise 3-4 times a week making yourself sweat and breathe hard – this is important to keep the lymphatic system working. If you already do exercise and think you are healthy, then think again – most people think they eat healthy and exercise healthy, but most people also live the same lifespan; just doing one type of exercise is not enough; doing various exercises like yoga, weight training and swimming will help your body circulate blood in a different way than the other exercise does – this is important as it helps speed up hair growth and thickens hair.

3. Scalp massage: This needs to be done everyday for at least 20 minutes. You can use an oil, such as the Immortals oil which helps stop inflammation (the root cause of hair thinning) – but you just need to make sure you are massaging it everyday – this is the least understood system of hair growth on the planet – its so easy, most people don’t give it a second thought and never do it – scalp massage will increase blood circulation permanently, ridding of toxins and unblocking vessels which get blocked easily because they are so thin in the scalp.

4. Use anti-inflammation shampoo – we rated the Taoist soap as the best hair growth soap for the scalp because of this very reason – but you must combine the above for this to work at its best. It is understood that inflammation is the root cause of hair thinning, and if inflammation is stopped, hair thinning naturally stops and thicker hair begins to grow. If you don’t want to purchase this due to its price, then get an SLS free shampoo, to at least not make your hair worse off.

5. Work on your anxiety and stress: This is on the increase and is commonly linked to people with thinning hair. Exercise and scalp massage will help a lot, but you still need to do more to help it – taking a B-complex vitamin supplement will greatly help in increasing capacity to get stress and remain unaffected (which means hormones don’t go crazy when you get stressed) – its like those martial arts people who remain calm even in an intense fight, it is because they have built higher capacity to take stress – if you do the same (even slightly better) your hormones will not go crazy, and will not cause inflammation in the scalp area, in turn, thickening your hair (stress hormones cause hair to fall out).



Is Hair ReGrowth really Possible in Men and Women?

is hair regrowth really possible in men and women

There are so many factors in regrowing hair, and with so many unsuccessful attempts of people trying to regrow or even maintain hair growth, it is important to understand the fundamentals of hair growth, before you look for hair growth products and oils and everything in-between.

Genetics – My hair falling is genetically predispositioned, does this mean I cannot regrow hair?

Genetics of today has not at all been understood fully, and any doctor or scientist making claims that genetics limit your changing of your body in such a way such as regrowing hair is very inaccurate – a few years ago, genetics was seen as fixed – today we know that genes change from our daily patterns in life; from eating to lifestyle with emotional management and social aspects.

So until scientists are able to make a face of the owner of the DNA, it is actually not possible and inaccurate to say that genetics will make it hard for you to regrow hair (as a man or women).

So how does one regrow hair as a man or women? What if things don’t work?

Things often don’t work when trying to resolve something naturally – the pharmaceutical thrive of this because a core fundamental understanding of natural healing is missing – this understanding is that one has to do everything known, to push and create the biological changes in the body, to push the body to create the change you need.

So for example – if you want to lose weight; dieting alone can help – but combining dieting and exercise is even better. Even better is making healthy foods a part of the lifestyle, and making your job a working job where you always move around – the same methodology is applied to things like treating problems like hair thinning and growing hair again; but a little more complex because it involves specific things in diet, exercise and emotional and mental attitude.

We do have top products that are used for helping with hair growth, but this is only a fraction of what is really needed if you want to seriously regrow hair; a full lifestyle change is required for sure.



Natural Remedies for Hair Fall and Hair Growth

Natural Remedies for Hair Fall and Hair Growth


We always talk about natural remedies for hair or skin or whatever – but very few natural remedies that actually really work; we have reviewed each and every one of them out there, from the far east to the far west, and everything in between and have combined methods of helping people not only stop hair falling, but also help speed up hair growth, thicken hair growth and even regrow lost hair on the scalp.

Before we get into the natural remedies for hair growth, it must be understood, that remedies have evolved over the years – what worked before, does not always work now, and what works for one person, can differ on how it works to another person of the exact same age for various reasons.

Not only that, but to reach a deeper level of change, it is required to do multiple levels and layers of activities, consciously, to create that specific change wanted. Let’s get into the remedies:

Diet – This must be approached consciously. You cannot just say, oh yeah greens are good, junk is bad. This type of thinking is 90’s – we know more than this, in much more detail than this, so just saying a general statement and hardly doing much more about it, will never create the change you desire.

Most people with hair loss have anxiety issues (most of the planet right now is in more anxiety and stress than ever before, although a few percentage are able to handle in a way, where it does not affect their hair) – anyway, point is, anxiety constricts blood flow, which also causes health issues, not only hair thinning and slow hair growth – so the number one thing you need to do is take the most expensive vitamin B complex tablets you can find (food derived) – if you buy the cheap ones, they won’t work, as they aren’t that good quality, and won’t be bioavailable.

Another thing, sugar is what creates inflammation – by sugar, we define it as anything that contains fat, carbs or natural or unnatural sugar. This is to explain to you, all those things, feed inflammation; which is the cause of many health problems as well as hair problems. Simply stop it. Combination of this, with greens (steamed) and red meat (beef ideally to tonify your stomach) will help a lot – this is a combined remedy for naturally thickening hair.

Another layer or dimension of this remedy is to carry out a scalp massage on the whole head, for 30 minutes per day. This will help force blood all over, and push unusual amounts of blood, to help regenerate the scalp hair growth naturally – this is exactly what clinically proven solutions do for hair growth.

In terms of natural products for hair growth – there aren’t that many, but they are as follows; 

– B Complex Vitamins

– Taoist Soap (stops inflammation and is designed for use on the scalp for hair growth and hair problems)

The above two work powerfully together when combined with a scalp massage, exercise program and a powerful sugar/fat/junk free diet.

Oh and one more thing – try to not get your emotions hyped it – they create a direct chemical reaction in your body, and mess up around with your hormone system – such as excreting the stress hormone cortisol, which is fine in small amounts sometimes, but regularly will hurt the body and hormone regulation (and your hair).