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Renpure Shampoo Review for Hair Growth

renpure shampoo review

We admit, that hair thickening is not an easy task – but how has this shampoo tested on the shooting range for hair growth and thickening in hair shampoos?

Repure has a ton of various shampoos to select from – some, pictured in the left, are paraben free, free from harsh salts  and dyes as well as sodium chloride as well as gluten.

Whilst this is a great start – do such types of shampoos affect hair growth in any shape or form in terms of the studies that have been carried out?

This is a Renpure shampoo review – a rather general one, in the sense that we are talking about not only Renpure, but other shampoos that say they are gluten free, paraben free, SLS free and so on.

Hair growth rate increased by 20% – Here is how and why

Hair growth rates vary in different people from age, to circulation, to how they treat their hair and what diet they eat – basically every small thing matters, in terms of how fast or slow, or thin, your hair will be – and to create an actual change (hair thickening), you will need to have a whole bunch of factors in your side (for your hair) rather than against you – the trick is to find YOUR unique factor, which is stopping you from getting that extra percentage of thicker hair, no matter what age or gender you are.

First important factor is the chemicals you use to wash your hair – Renpure claims to be paraben free, and free of other harsh chemicals – but is this enough to actually grow and thicken hair? Not for most people – but yes, this is a good start, but not a cure to hair loss for men or women – it’s a tool for it however, and can help you stop damaging your hair further as you age.

Second factor is your diet – too much carb and sugar are factors that go against your hair growth (unless you are eating way below calorie base level). A lean protein rich diet with steamed leafy greens is essential to this – followed by a supplement of beef based collagen.

Third factor is your circulation – general and local. Blood circulation is the number one cause of all disease, and its associated side effects, including induced hair loss genetic or otherwise – going for an exercise 30 minutes a day is essential for general body care – but also scalp massage for 30 minutes a day, is vital if you are trying to break down the calcification of the scalp.

There are many other ways to helping reduce hair loss, and thicken hair, Repure shampoo isn’t a cure – nor is alpecin shampoo as the name of this site suggests – but a good routine with the right attitude towards health and healing. Please see other posts and blogs for more information on this.

Things you Didn’t know About Caffeine Shampoos

alpecin-shampoo-review-things-you-did-not-knowThere is a lot of talk on caffeine shampoos, such as the alpecin shampoo, plantur 39 shampoo and even the alpecin liquid version – but do they really grow hair because of the caffeine in them?

Caffeine is known to constrict blood flow, so this was surprising that someone stated that caffeine can do this to hair growth – and when looked more closely – if applied topically, caffeine will actually do the opposite of hair growth – if anything, it will increase hair thinning if you are already suffering from it!

I know it sounds ridiculous – but read this article here, as well as do a google search, and you will find scholarly articles and documents proving this – that caffeine restricts blood flow.

So how are these shampoo’s being sold online as hair growth products?

These shampoos do not actually help hair growth – but are filled with fatty substances that inflate the hair shaft, making it appear thicker as long as the shampoo is used regularly – this means more business for the shampoo company, but no real results for the end user, if they are hoping to get real results, that is.

If it’s not your thing to grow thicker hair, and you are happier to just have this temporary effect, then these types of shampoos are fine – although they may cause further inflammation and may make current hair situation worse, over time (over 1-3 year use).

If you are interested in actually thickening hair – looking for a product right away, is silly – you need to look internally – what went wrong; because clearly one of these aspects have a problem and need work on – as follows:

– Circulation: This includes circulation to your scalp, vessels in your scalp and around it, and the general body and organs. Even reduced organ circulation will cause hair loss – as toxicity build up will result in inflammation increase in the scalp – a fix for this is, cardio everyday, and scalp massage everyday.

– Hormone: You may be addicted to sugars, which are keeping hormones imbalanced, and preventing thicker hair from even forming – reducing all sugars, including natural, as well as carbs and fat (which are also classified as sugar in this case) and going on a lean meat protein diet with leafy greens, will help hormone detox and balance itself out. You will also look years younger than you can imagine if done for 2 weeks.

– Emotional Stability: Here is most people go wrong today and is most under-rated. Emotions affect hormones, and hormones will then imbalance, and affect the body, and the way you look, including hair and skin. There is a fix for this, and it’s a combination of exercise as well as meditation of 30 minutes a day. Meditation helps reset the thought framework of the mind, and you just have to sit there and breath, and try to not linger any thoughts too long – its actually work, and not necessarily relaxing – as it looks – although afterwards you will feel more balanced and relaxed – done for long enough, you will see real results on your face and hair and emotional stability.

After you have dealt with the above – you should consider buying products to support your goals – we have rated the top hair growth products on our homepage here.

Natural & Most Effective Ways to Thicken Hair for Men and Women

natural ways to thicken hair


Natural ways to thicken hair can be found everywhere – but most of them are not understood as they are adopted individually or looked upon as what works and what doesn’t – for example, people saying to try out a new hair thickening method, or pill or product, and then seeing if it works and then adding more – to some extent this is fine – but sometimes just doing one method which actually is helping, will not show its effects until combined with other methods.

This is understood in cooking – when you make a recipe, its about all the ingredients mixing in well and giving the taste – not about individual level, where adding only salt will make something taste better without anything else – making soup needs mostly water if you think about it – largest aspect of it is water based – but is water alone soup? You need all the other ingredients to complete it and make it tasting great – this is the same with natural healing, including hair thickening ways (but can be applied to everything).

It is a universal truth about healing – you can’t expect  to have a magic pill to resolve all issues – each person’s hair thinning or condition is different – some people get hair thinning from eating too much sugar, some get it from stress, some get it from a combination of everything – the same with healing, some can get great results from just one or two methods or remedies, but ideally, to get full on fast results, you need to do everything sensibly possible.


So what are some remedies that are known to work for thickening hair and speeding up hair growth in men and women?

1. Diet: Balanced diet with no sugar and carbs will speed up hair growth the fastest way possible. Make sure you are getting enough proteins.

2. Exercise: You need to exercise 3-4 times a week making yourself sweat and breathe hard – this is important to keep the lymphatic system working. If you already do exercise and think you are healthy, then think again – most people think they eat healthy and exercise healthy, but most people also live the same lifespan; just doing one type of exercise is not enough; doing various exercises like yoga, weight training and swimming will help your body circulate blood in a different way than the other exercise does – this is important as it helps speed up hair growth and thickens hair.

3. Scalp massage: This needs to be done everyday for at least 20 minutes. You can use an oil, such as the Immortals oil which helps stop inflammation (the root cause of hair thinning) – but you just need to make sure you are massaging it everyday – this is the least understood system of hair growth on the planet – its so easy, most people don’t give it a second thought and never do it – scalp massage will increase blood circulation permanently, ridding of toxins and unblocking vessels which get blocked easily because they are so thin in the scalp.

4. Use anti-inflammation shampoo – we rated the Taoist soap as the best hair growth soap for the scalp because of this very reason – but you must combine the above for this to work at its best. It is understood that inflammation is the root cause of hair thinning, and if inflammation is stopped, hair thinning naturally stops and thicker hair begins to grow. If you don’t want to purchase this due to its price, then get an SLS free shampoo, to at least not make your hair worse off.

5. Work on your anxiety and stress: This is on the increase and is commonly linked to people with thinning hair. Exercise and scalp massage will help a lot, but you still need to do more to help it – taking a B-complex vitamin supplement will greatly help in increasing capacity to get stress and remain unaffected (which means hormones don’t go crazy when you get stressed) – its like those martial arts people who remain calm even in an intense fight, it is because they have built higher capacity to take stress – if you do the same (even slightly better) your hormones will not go crazy, and will not cause inflammation in the scalp area, in turn, thickening your hair (stress hormones cause hair to fall out).



Is Hair ReGrowth really Possible in Men and Women?

is hair regrowth really possible in men and women

There are so many factors in regrowing hair, and with so many unsuccessful attempts of people trying to regrow or even maintain hair growth, it is important to understand the fundamentals of hair growth, before you look for hair growth products and oils and everything in-between.

Genetics – My hair falling is genetically predispositioned, does this mean I cannot regrow hair?

Genetics of today has not at all been understood fully, and any doctor or scientist making claims that genetics limit your changing of your body in such a way such as regrowing hair is very inaccurate – a few years ago, genetics was seen as fixed – today we know that genes change from our daily patterns in life; from eating to lifestyle with emotional management and social aspects.

So until scientists are able to make a face of the owner of the DNA, it is actually not possible and inaccurate to say that genetics will make it hard for you to regrow hair (as a man or women).

So how does one regrow hair as a man or women? What if things don’t work?

Things often don’t work when trying to resolve something naturally – the pharmaceutical thrive of this because a core fundamental understanding of natural healing is missing – this understanding is that one has to do everything known, to push and create the biological changes in the body, to push the body to create the change you need.

So for example – if you want to lose weight; dieting alone can help – but combining dieting and exercise is even better. Even better is making healthy foods a part of the lifestyle, and making your job a working job where you always move around – the same methodology is applied to things like treating problems like hair thinning and growing hair again; but a little more complex because it involves specific things in diet, exercise and emotional and mental attitude.

We do have top products that are used for helping with hair growth, but this is only a fraction of what is really needed if you want to seriously regrow hair; a full lifestyle change is required for sure.



The Best Way to Grow Thick Hair

The Best Way to Grow Thick Hair


There are many methods and tips of hair growth (speed and thickness) out there online; but knowing what really works better than another is mystery most never realize – the good news is, we have done all the research for you, and thanks to our blog, you can find out everything you need to about speeding up hair growth, as well as thickening hair growth naturally.

We write a lot on our blog about hair growth and stopping hair loss – but there is an underlying element which we keep pointing towards – whether you have african american hair, or caucasian or any type of hair – have you guessed what it is?

It’s blood circulation. 

Even if your hair loss is caused by hormonal problems – and you can somehow, increase blood circulation as well as quality of blood circulation, you can improve not only hair growth speed and thickness, but your skin quality and overall level of alertness and mental clarity – but to reach this, there are many things one has to do, t

What factors improve blood circulation?

Let’s just give them to you in bullet points so its easier for you to understand.

Movement of all kinds: Walking, exercise and breathing properly are the physical aspects of this. Breathing deeper and slower is a crucial part of this, as it not only slows down heart rate and helps control anxiety, which in turn controls the bad hormones from being released more than they need to be released.

Walking and exercise long term (yoga, qigong, jogging, swimming, weight training, stretching all ALL very important) can keep up and open the blood circulation system of our bodies – the problem is, todays society we have little time because of the job or the new baby in the family to find the right time – but this must be found; there is always a way, if you really want to improve and get real results, not only for thicker hair growth, but your life in general.

– Diet and Foods: There are many great foods you can eat. But it is important to avoid sugar and carbs as much as possible and they should not be part of everyday life as most modern society thinks they should – these should be treats. This includes natural sugars and artificial sugars; both produce a negative effect in the body if taken everyday – eating lean meats can help improve the stomach and digestion, and a complete vegetarian diet (cooked) is also great – a balance between the both is great too – we are talking strictly for improving hair growth, as well as overall body health (which is an important factor in having fast and thick hair growth on the scalp).

Avoiding deep fried foods like french fries and donuts are a must – these cannot exist in your diet at all for at least 3-6 months – otherwise you cannot expect to get real results.

Scalp Massage: This is probably an under-rated technique to improving blood circulation on the head. It is known as a fact in eastern countries, but in western countries people often look for clinical trials, and if they don’t exist, then they don’t tend to believe. The problem with this is; 100% of natural methods and products out there, will never have clinical trials needed to say something works; this is because medical companies want to patented methods to be created, so they can make a profit – clinical trials are only performed on artificially made drugs which can be patented, but not on drugs that are free available for all to buy.

Granted – there are some handful clinical studies on natural methods for hair growth – but these are so small, and so easy to criticize – so the best study you can do for yourself is do a 20 minute scalp massage every single day for 3 months; and look yourself at the results, rather than looking for studies – we know it works, its a culturally proven thing in all eastern countries – there was no balding men in eastern countries when they lived by their cultural norms and before the westernization of many of these countries (very generally speaking).

Remember – hair growth and skin is directly related to how well you take care of your body and health. So if you focus on your general health, you are bound to increase your hair growth and quality of life in general.

How to Make Hair Grow Faster – Effective Methods Revealed

How to make your hair grow faster


There are multiple things that need to be done in order to make your hair growth speed increase at its fastest possible level – but one most important element in natural methods must be understood.

Whenever you are trying to achieve something naturally – ie not using harmful drugs – it is VITAL that you do multiple things to target the problem in multiple ways – this means the food intake, the exercise as the basis for all kinds of health related things.

So if you are trying to increase hair growth speed and make average hair grow faster, there are some methods but all must be done, and made into a lifestyle – here are a few:

Exercise: Regular exercise of at least 4-5 times a week, where you do exercise for 40 minutes at least (not including breaks between to catch your breath). If you do yoga, then this is great, but you need to also incorporate exercises that use up your full lung capacity (makes you breathless) such as brisk walking, jogging, jump rope skipping and even swimming.

What this does is push the body to clean out the circulation system of the body – helping blood flow to the organs (which is needed for optimal fast thick hair growth) and flow to the scalp (which is also essential).

Now a manual exercise for increasing scalp blood flow is to do a scalp massage for 20 minutes a day – its easy to do before bedtime, or whilst watching your favorite movie or drama on TV. Scalp massage will push out any blocked vessels (as they get blocked easily because they are very thin and tiny) – and this will push out faster hair growth in just 24 hours believe it or not.

Now once you have achieved the above and built a routine – then you can look at the foods you eat and try to avoid the following foods:

– Sugar

– Wheat

– Fried Foods (like donuts, french fries etc)

– Greasy foods (like Doner Kebabs or poor quality meat which has way too much fat)

These foods will actually make your hair grow slower, but also cause it to get thinner in the long term – so these are best avoided generally to maintain great health, but also to have the fastest growing hair on your scalp.

If you have accomplished doing the above, but still not satisfied with the hair growth, you can add to your regime, some products – and remove some products – avoid taking shampoos that have SLS chemicals in them – try to find natural organic shampoos that are not harsh for your hair – and do not wash your hair everyday.

A product you can use is called the Taoist Soap – this is recommended for the scalp health, and also for people with thinning hair that want to thicken the hair – it is an organic soap designed for the scalp and skin on the face and rids of toxins and inflammation at its most powerful with the rarest ingredients on the planet (hence the price).

Use the Taoist soap about 1-2 times a week for increasing hair growth – you don’t need to use it everyday – it generally helps because inflammation also slows hair growth down, and everyone has some level of inflammation on their bodies including the scalp to some extent, even if you can’t feel it or have hair loss.

How to Choose Hair Thickening Products for your Hair Type

selecting hair thickening products for your hair


When trying to pick the right hair thickening product for your hair type, it is important to consider the following points:

There are really only two main types of hair thickening products – artificial hair thickeners, which are used when you just want to do something to your hair to make it look thicker, but not actually try to resolve the underlying problem of hair problems (such as hair loss or thinning hair in men or women).

The second type is actual hair thickening products – designed to work at your hair follicles, pushing for new thicker hair growth. At this point, it is important to understand it does not matter what race you are, as I know some people search for African American Hair thickening products, and this is really not needed, as all hair types have the same hair follicles that need that extra boost or an anti inflammatory product to help it push for  new thicker hair growth.

So when you know what methodology you want on approaching increasing your hair thickness – you can pick the right products – we here normally focus on products that help you naturally thicken your hair, rather than artificially enhance hair (like most shampoos do).

The best natural hair thickening products for all hair types are as follows:

1. Taoist Soap for the scalp and skin (Found only online, but they deliver worldwide) – note there may be an additional charge for shipping if you are not in the UK.

2. Zeavive Cream – This is a cream that boosts the scalp and hair follicles on the scalp to renew. It is often used as an anti-wrinkle cream (no it does not grow hair on the face) – but it is so effective on tonifying the scalp, and allowing thicker hair growth to occur when applied topically on the affected areas or just all over the scalp region in very tiny amounts. Highly recommended.

3. Coconut Oil – This is very useful to use especially if you have an itchy scalp. Only use once a week. Massaging it into your scalp for 30 minutes at least, and leaving it on for 2-3 hours – or you can massage it into your scalp before sleeping, and wash it off in the morning; this is ideal as coconut oil is very light and often soothes the itches and inflammation in combination with the Taoist Soap mentioned above.

Are these products enough to see hair growth in men and women?

Natural methods of thickening hair are tricky to answer by just using a product or two – a change in lifestyle has a major effect on your body (including your hair) as well as using an effective product to help you get there.

For example – if you carry out eating a lot of sugar, and vegetable oil fried foods, how can you expect to stop hair loss? Those foods are the prime causes of inflammation, and inflammation is the root cause of hair loss in men and women – because hormones can cause the inflammation, stress can cause it, and so can anxiety, as well as food – so learn and change your lifestyle, and you will surely see a great difference in not only hair thickness, but just your entire life and being happy in general.

African American Hair Thickening Products

African American Hair Thickening Products


African american hair thickening products are not as common to find but effective and natural ones do exist, and help with hair thickening for men and women.

The best methods and products currently known are as follows:

The Taoist Soap: This is a soap for hair and scalp that can completely renew the hair follicles and start producing hair thicker than ever. This is a proven product that works and is known worldwide for its powerful effects. It is only found online and cannot be purchased in stores, but it is worth the price.

Scalp massage: This is something one needs to do at home. It is not fun to do this especially when you are already worried about hair, but if you get into the habit of it, it will be the single most powerful thing you can do for your hair – whoever you are, African American or Brazilian or whoever – this works for all humans, despite what other blogs have said about scalp massage.

Are products enough for African Americans to get thicker hair? Or do you need to do more?

Using products like the Taoist soap can surely help resolve your hair problems – especially when you also scalp massage daily for 30 minutes a day – but sometimes for some people who have stubborn hair thinning, it is not enough, and they have to do a lot more than just add products after products.

This is when they have to change their diet – avoid fatty foods – avoid sugar and avoid too much sexual activity for at least 3 months. This will allow the body to regain energy to put into other areas like skin and hair.

Another thing that can be added is exercise that makes you breathless for at least 30 minutes a day – this could be jump rope (skipping) or running or even brisk walking (walking really fast) – this helps push blood all over the body, removing toxins, blockages, and also renew your hormones naturally.

Eating red meat (not chicken) with spinach will give your blood the right amount of nutrients for renewing hair growth, not only that, but help the body recover from any weaknesses it has – including renewal of the stomach and other internal organs – it will also help acid reflux.