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Renpure Shampoo Review for Hair Growth

renpure shampoo review

We admit, that hair thickening is not an easy task – but how has this shampoo tested on the shooting range for hair growth and thickening in hair shampoos?

Repure has a ton of various shampoos to select from – some, pictured in the left, are paraben free, free from harsh salts  and dyes as well as sodium chloride as well as gluten.

Whilst this is a great start – do such types of shampoos affect hair growth in any shape or form in terms of the studies that have been carried out?

This is a Renpure shampoo review – a rather general one, in the sense that we are talking about not only Renpure, but other shampoos that say they are gluten free, paraben free, SLS free and so on.

Hair growth rate increased by 20% – Here is how and why

Hair growth rates vary in different people from age, to circulation, to how they treat their hair and what diet they eat – basically every small thing matters, in terms of how fast or slow, or thin, your hair will be – and to create an actual change (hair thickening), you will need to have a whole bunch of factors in your side (for your hair) rather than against you – the trick is to find YOUR unique factor, which is stopping you from getting that extra percentage of thicker hair, no matter what age or gender you are.

First important factor is the chemicals you use to wash your hair – Renpure claims to be paraben free, and free of other harsh chemicals – but is this enough to actually grow and thicken hair? Not for most people – but yes, this is a good start, but not a cure to hair loss for men or women – it’s a tool for it however, and can help you stop damaging your hair further as you age.

Second factor is your diet – too much carb and sugar are factors that go against your hair growth (unless you are eating way below calorie base level). A lean protein rich diet with steamed leafy greens is essential to this – followed by a supplement of beef based collagen.

Third factor is your circulation – general and local. Blood circulation is the number one cause of all disease, and its associated side effects, including induced hair loss genetic or otherwise – going for an exercise 30 minutes a day is essential for general body care – but also scalp massage for 30 minutes a day, is vital if you are trying to break down the calcification of the scalp.

There are many other ways to helping reduce hair loss, and thicken hair, Repure shampoo isn’t a cure – nor is alpecin shampoo as the name of this site suggests – but a good routine with the right attitude towards health and healing. Please see other posts and blogs for more information on this.

Revigen Shampoo Review – Hair Growth Possible? (A Review)

revigen shampoo reviews

We all know how hard growing thicker hair is, and how nearly impossible it is to stop hair loss from progressing.

Is there a way for Revigen shampoo for helping those souls that are looking for a way out of this hell of slow and progressive hair thinning?

Some claim it is DHT – some claim it is stress – some say it is hormones and some say it is inflammation – some say it is even the shampoo you use, to the extreme of having too much sex (or masturbation). What is it? is it all or none? or what exactly?

Does Revigen help hair growth or stop hair loss?

Short answer – no. At least not yet from our research. It seems this shampoo does what the other hair growth shampoos do – just enlarge the hair shaft for a moment to make it look like it’s thicker – but this causes a lot of problems when used regularly, and increases hair loss rate in the wrong environment – so be very careful. We don’t like to trash talk about other people’s brand names, but we do need to explain pointers in a scientific way, yet simple english so everyone can understand.

Is there a way to at least stop hair loss in men and women, and even regrow thicker hair?

Short answer Yes, detailed answer see our homepage chart here – and also the articles we have written previously here which talk about every topic in great detail (yes all free – no buying needed).

What are the ingredients they talk about in Revigen shampoo that they say are scientifically proven?

There are ingredients like saw palmetto that are known to help temporarily lower DHT  – but long term use of this will cause breast enlargement for men – and will mess with male hormones – topical application is good, but in shampoo format, it is not enough to cause hair growth, let alone stop hair growth.

Zinc supplements are great too with some support for hair – but many vital nutrients are important for hair, even amino acids from collagen – so the wording of scientific proof is used very loosely.

Will Revigen cause hair loss for me?

We cannot say this for everyone – but it is possible to get the exact opposite results if you go for shampoos that target temporary effects, which do not really solve the problem in the first place – and have chemicals which have negative side effects on long term use (so once a month use would be fine for such a shampoo – or possibly twice a month).



What you should really know about Medical Hair Shampoos

hair medical shampoo There are a lot of medical shampoos for hair loss that are emerging; from caffeine shampoos, minoxidil shampoos, dirt shampoos, vitamin shampoos and all kinds of stuff – but there are some things you need to be aware of if you are considering buying anything like this.

These shampoos are working on the requirement of the problem of thinning hair, and they often try to thicken hair shaft by making hair strand appear to be thicker, but in reality, this causes inflammation, hair loss, and faster hair fall occurrence in men and women.

For example, Mane N Tail Shampoo is a horse shampoo originally – but it is repackaged and sold as a hair growth shampoo for thicker hair – this is not true. It’s not possible. It only artificially makes the hair seem thicker, but long term will make the hair thinner, as these kinds of shampoos increase inflammation in the scalp – which is the main cause of hair thinning in the first place!

If you are looking for something that will work, or at least help towards stopping hair loss, then you need to consider being on a regime; this means taking supplements, exercises, scalp massages and only then, consider the hair growth products listed here on this site – rated and reviewed in terms of effectiveness and non-effectiveness.

You can still use the artificial enhancers, but be very careful – because you may not be able to tell if inflammation is increased, and this is the bigger problem – as many people think inflammation is always visible to the naked eye, or at least feelable, but this is untrue – inflammation can be cold, and also due to lack of circulation, which some medical shampoos make worse – also products like minoxidil won’t help in the long term, as it is not just about fattening up the vessels temporarily each day to keep the hair – it is about detoxifying the scalp, and giving enough blood circulation, anti-inflammatory products and exercise to help better quality hair growth.

Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss?

does testostorone cause hair loss


We often ask the question, if Testosterone hormone, causes hair loss in men? And how to prevent it from happening to you if it does – the answer is not that simple as you would have imagined.

Too much testosterone can cause hair loss in men – but this does not mean they are not healthy; its actually the opposite – BBC news also mentioned a story like this, saying balding could be good for your health – although we agree to some extent, that high testosterone in men is healthy, one also has to understand more important processes that go within the body.

So blocking or reducing testosterone can stop my hair from thinning?

Many online websites suggest that testosterone, or its converted form, DHT, causes hair follicles to shrivel up; the problem is, they miss out one key element in this process – inflammation.

When testosterone converts to DHT, inflammation is what occurs in the scalp region, which is the reason why hair follicles actually stop producing hair, and start choking from lack of hair production – stopping DHT production is not an effective way to actually stop inflammation, because even a tiny amount of DHT left, will still cause a lot of inflammation if the conditions in the body are the same.

By this we mean, for example, foods like sugar and carbs, feed inflammation – so usually people with a lot of hair loss problems, often eat a lot of sugar, and have a sweet tooth, or just an addiction to eating carbs (bread, pasta, rice etc) – even if you eat fruit, it still causes the same inflammation to occur, as it uses the sugar in the fruit to produce the inflammation. So in this specific cause, what can greatly help to stop inflammation, and in turn hair loss, is stopping intake of carbs and sugar for a period of time (to allow the body to reset itself) – and to consume leafy greens and lean meats.

To supplement this – other factors need to be taken into account – please read our article on inflammation and hair loss, and how it works – and what you can do to stop it, to help improve hair conditions and even reverse the problem. This article also covers inflammation in women as well as men.

It is worth researching about when it comes to keeping your body healthy and to help your hair too!

Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo Review



The Alpecin double effect shampoo has been another release by Alpecin the German shampoo company – it has been taken by storm due to the intense advertisements all over europe; but what do the reviews say about the double effect shampoo?

As we have discussed on our blog as well as our main review center for hair growth shampoos here, the Alpecin shampoo (including the double effect version) is not effective for most people when it comes to helping with hair thinning – this is simply because having caffeine in the shampoo does not actually do anything to the hair follicles; the study conducted was not accurate as it was not inside a human body, where hormones and inflammation affect the hair follicles growth rate – it was in a Vito (in a petri dish environment) where it was unaffected by organic stress and was soaked in caffeine 24/7 – and they seemed to conclude that hair grows better in caffeine – which is completely false.

The reviews on various forums and verified users on social media have all indicated that this shampoo does not really work for hair loss – one only has to do a review search on yYouTubeand most people want it to work, but it simply has nothing to offer, scientifically, or magically.

ways to regrow hair 33

But are there ways to thicken hair and regrow new hair growth for men and women out there?

Of course there are, but its not as simply as just using a product or two once a day and getting results – if that is the kind of thing you are looking for, then you might as well give up as you won’t find that.

But if you are willing to put in the effort to get the results, then the sky is your limit.  Firstly, we have mentioned this on our blog posts many times, but we repeat so it is not missed, as it is essential to understand when it comes to naturally thickening hair, or any kind of natural healing – one must do many things on many levels to get real results – this means everything from your emotional patterns, diet and exercise regimes as well as your everyday habits are all included in this – it is about being more conscious on the things you do, and how it affects your body (including your hair).

Diet: Things like fried foods, sugar (fruit or chocolate) and fats all help slow down hair growth and even make hair fall if taken enough. All people suffering from hair loss usually have a sweet tooth or a carb addition of some kind which they are not aware of – however big or small, it is contributing to your hair thinning (applies to men and women) – so removing these from your diet for a period of 6 months is a great start to getting your health and mental well being back.

The diet you would ideally need to be on is a protein diet (lean meats, no skin or fatty parts of the animal) with leafy greens like kale and spinach – this is a rather extreme sounding diet, but it is the only diet that will reset your hormone system, as well as reset the hair follicles and allow them to regrow lost hair.

Scalp Massage – this is a must for 30 minutes a day at least – it pushes out toxins as well as unblocks blocked areas of the scalp.

Emotional stability: The diet mentioned above will help with emotional stability in the long term, although you will feel cravings in the first 2 weeks of the diet, and this will make you feel a lot of various emotions, but sticking to it will greatly help – but on the other hand, emotional stability here means you stop worrying about everything – take a step back any time something stressful happens and observe it as if you are watching a movie; the most powerful person lets things be as they are; and eventually things unfold your way as you needed them.

Feeling extremes of emotions releases stress hormones which cause inflammation – and inflammation is the root cause of hair thinning in men and women – even if the problem is hormonal, it is the inflammation that makes the hair follicle stop producing hair – so if you practice being calm even when you want to be angry, you exercise instead, will build a real long term habit into your body and you won’t have hormonal imbalances or serious cases of inflammation.

After you have been doing the above for at least 3 weeks – then you can try products that work for hair growth and regrowth – products such as the Taoist soap which is designed for the scalp and stops inflammation is a remarkable product for hair in men and women (only need to apply on the scalp) – Other products include Zeavive cream which is known to regenerate skin and hair follicles when applied daily and protect them from oxidization.

How Does an Itchy Scalp Cause Hair Loss?

Itchy Scalp Hair Loss


People with an itchy scalp often also have hair loss at the same time – even if they don’t yet notice the hair thinning, they can still have hair that has started to thin, and this is actually due to the itchy scalp.

But what is an itchy scalp? 

An itchy scalp means you have inflammation in the scalp – inflammation is the root cause of all types of hair loss and hair thinning in men and women. Even if you have a thyroid condition which is affecting hormones and then in turn causing hair loss – it is the inflammation that is causing the hair follicles to stop producing hair, and letting the hair fall off.

What can be done about an itchy scalp and stopping the inflammation and hair loss?

When approaching natural methods of treatment for itchy scalp, one must understand that your life patterns has resulted in this exact state – so changing these patterns is the first most important thing.

The most important factor we understand today about inflammation (be it in the scalp or the body), it loves to feed from sugary foods – fruits or processed sugar, both are the same to inflammation and it literally thrives on sugar. If you get rid of this ingredient from your diet, and increase exercise rate everyday (which burns the sugar reserves in your body regularly) – you will be surprised how much inflammation goes down by – including those suffering from thyroid conditions.

So completely stopping all sugar foods is the first step to stopping inflammation – it will give it no fuel to fire up the way it does and causes all kinds of problems from itchy scalp, hair loss and even other more serious problems in the body – you read correct, inflammation can cause serious problems in the body, and most of the time, you don’t even know you have inflammation as its not always felt or visible internally in the body – this is why a lifestyle change is required.

Another food that supports inflammation is fried foods like french fries and donuts – these must also go – they are fatty (which is the same as sugar, for inflammation) – and there is no reason to even have them in your diet at all – yes, some people love their taste, but they do more harm in the body than good, and have no nutritional value at all – food is for a balance of nutritional value and the enjoyment you get from the taste – not only for the taste however.

So fatty foods also must be avoided – these include poor quality restaurant meat which often is saturated with extra fat to taste better but after eating, you feel sluggish or tired.

Fatty foods not only feed inflammation just like sugar, but they also help block vessels for blood circulation in the scalp – the scalp blood vessels are so thin, they are easily blocked by fatty foods (hence the scalp massage we recommend all over this blog).

hair care products


In the picture above, you can see how thin each vessel for the hair is – it is so tiny, only a few blood cells can enter at a time. This can cause problems if there is too much fat in the blood flow (from the food eaten) – sometimes scalp massage won’t work, because the diet is not fat free enough.

Now the above methods revealed are the most powerful natural methods of stopping inflammation and itchy scalps. But if those aren’t working, and you need a stronger push, then you need to purchase a product or two.

One great product is the Immortal’s Oil for hair growth – this is the only oil that boosts hair growth, stops itchy scalps and regenerates the cells for more hair growth. It needs to be used along with the above diet, for it to work effectively.

You will also need to stop using SLS shampoos (most commercial shampoos have SLS in them) – there are shampoos which are SLS free, and don’t strip the hair of its natural oils.

On top of that, if you still feel like you need a stronger push for hair growth from the thinning hair – then use the Taoist soap on the scalp (Not hair, just scalp) for helping soothe the hair follicles and stop inflammation – again, the above must be adhered to, if you want to see full on results worth raving about.

Remember, working towards ultimate health requires work, and changing your life patterns from the very food you eat, the way you think and how calm you are emotionally, all affect your health – keeping this in mind, will help you realize things which will be beneficial in not only great hair, but a great clear mind, happy thoughts and relaxed body!

How does Caffeine Affect Hair Growth?

how does caffeine stop hair loss


Caffeine and Hair Growth – How are they related, externally and when taken internally? 

Some people are claiming that caffeine can increase hair growth by a whopping 30% – including hair thickening as well as rate and speed of hair growth – but this study was conducted by only two companies – both whom are selling a caffeine shampoo (Alpecin and Plantur shampoo) – so they have financial interest in the results of the study, making the study already very questionable.

On a scientific level – the study was not conducted on hairs that are on the human skin – the hair were actually in a petri dish kind of environment – known as vitro – this means that hormones and insulin and other stress and food factors cannot affect the hair growth negatively on that hair – and that the hair when taken out of such an environment is placed in another stable environment like the petri dish – it WILL grow thicker and longer faster!

So the study is flawed – using a caffeine based shampoo will not help increase your hair growth or thicken hair growth – have a look at our top 10 hair growth shampoos that we have rated on our home page based on reviews, scientific results and medical groups who have taken part in the studies.

Video below by a person reviewing Alpecin Caffeine shampoo also explains this:

Taoist Soap Vs Alpecin Shampoo Vs Nizoral Vs Plantur – Which is the Best Hair loss Shampoo?


shampoo reviews

As you know the top known shampoo brands are Alpecin, Taoist Soap, Nizoral and Plantur 39 for all hair loss related productsbut which one is really effective in stopping hair loss, or even re-growing hair on the scalp?

As you can see on the chart, instantly one soap stands out – and this is the Taoist handmade soap. Usually a naturally made product which boasts about its organic nature, and the fact that it is so free from chemicals that it is even edible – but is the science behind this really making sense on people’s claims on the Taoist soap?

Short answer is Yes – as you know, hair loss in men or women can be caused by different hormones, diet, stress and even other factors such as chemicals and pollution. But how does one soap, which is applied to hair, actually fix this?

Well, the answer is that all kinds of hair loss, results in one major thing occurring in the scalp – inflammation – this is the key to understanding hair falling out, and stopping hair falling. So even if your hormone imbalance is causing hair to fall, then stopping the inflammation occurring in the local area can stop hair from falling, and even regrow the hair over time.

This is not a far stretch as some people seem to think – the human body even has genes that are designed to regrow lost limbs – but those genes are dormant, and being controlled by another gene to stop us from growing 10 new arms; it means the possibility is there – we just haven’t understood it.

The Alpecin Shampoo has also been talked about a lot in the last couple of years – and this was an interesting case but unfortunately the science behind it is in a test tube – not in a human hair – without allowing hair to be around hormones and the natural stresses in the body, making a statement that caffeine helps hair growth is not very scientific at all.

So does the Alpecin shampoo work for men or women?

Short answer is not really – it might even be bad for your hair because of the fact that it contains chemicals that temporarily spread over your hair, making your hair look shiny and clean, but are spread with a layer of fat, and will only cause more inflammation in the long run, which is the reason your hair is falling out in the first place!

The same applied to Plantur 39 shampoo and other caffeine based shampoosNizoral shampoo may work to some extent, as reported by 5% of users – but it too contains layers of glycerin which makes you think your hair has gotten thicker and looking better – but this will eventually turn into inflammation and make your condition worse.



Does Hair Loss mean I am Unhealthy?

healthy confidence

As if people on average don’t have confidence issues these days, we have one more thing to wonder – if hair loss really means that a person is unhealthy or unattractive?

The problem with such a question is, that we are looking at life in a 2 dimensional way, like we look at a cartoon, or a picture on paper – we are ignoring the fact that our lives are multidimensional.

Yes and no – if you are a man with hair loss, you can either be very sexually potent, or the exact opposite, so it does not actually mean you are unhealthy – its simply a part of today’s environment we get this result on our bodies – its not necessary that it is unhealthy.

If your confidence is really being hurt from hair loss, then you need to see the deeper reasons why; rather than ignoring it – because ignoring it will never resolve it, and will turn into something not so pleasant.

But how do you resolve such a thing?

Understand that taking care of your health, by seeking more knowledge, as well as doing everything in your power to balance your health, is what real beauty means – no, beauty is actually not skin deep – beauty is bone deep!

It is your bones that produce your blood (inside the bone marrow) – and as long as you have fresh supply of new blood, your body is able to rejuvenate its internal organs – the more rejuvenated the internal organs are, the better the body is able to focus on the healing of extra processes in the body such as producing healthy thick beautiful hair – whether you are a man or a women, this applies to everyone.

The magic is in tricking yourself to believe it for even 1 day

If you can convince yourself just for one day, that you are exactly as you need to be, in appearance of your hair, and it has no reflection on your hair, then you will already have started to change your hormonal excretion and already have started to naturally change your hormonal balance!

You ask for proof and evidence on this?

How ridiculous that people ask for evidence for such a thing – use your common sense rather than depending on “scientific studies” which are almost always done for a business purpose rather than to provide 100% truth.

Its a known fact that when you get stressed, your body releases stress hormones – so if you are the exact opposite, your body naturally will release happy hormones and stop releasing stress hormones – this is what is re-balancing your system, and will HUGELY help in stopping hair thinning problems.

But is hair loss or self confidence whilst having hair loss only ever related to hormones?

Of course not – it almost always is a mixture of various things, including hormonal, because your state of mind directly affects your hormonal excretion – but a key factor which many people miss out is scalp massage for your hair.

Why scalp massage?

It is the most boring thing you can do, I am sure that is what most people think – but actually doing a daily 20 minute scalp massage can restore your hair in more than one way – the obvious one being related to blood circulation – I am sure you know, that the blood capillaries in the scalp are so thin, that only one blood cell can pass through it at a time – this means that clogging these capillaries is just as easy – massaging the scalp all over regularly forces the lymphatic system of the body (in this case, of the scalp area) to revive and work harder as unnatural movement is happening, so clogged areas get forced to unblock themselves to allow fresh renewing and rejuvenating blood flow to happen again!

Isn’t it beautiful?

Is Re-Growing Hair even Possible?

Regrowing Hair

When looking at the possibilities of the human body; we already know that the human DNA has a section which is the same as some reptiles have to re-grow their limbs and internal organs – the gene was discovered a few years ago – but does the human body have capability to regenerate things like hair that has been lost for years?

The question is actually very flawed – why? Because the human body is replicating itself all the time – in 10 years time, the bones in your entire body are completely replaced!

So why can’t the human body regenerate lost hair?

It must be understood first that hair loss is a problem of the skin, and not of the hair – hair is not separate from the skin – it actually grows inside of the skin, so if you wish to regenerate hair on the scalp, the skin is something you should be concerned with.

There are various factors influencing your skin (hair) which are as follows, and each has to be looked at carefully, by yourself, and examined on what area you could be struggling with, or having issues with:

Hormonal: This is most important and most common; hormonal changes can affect directly the growth of hair on your scalp as well as your whole skin in the body -why? Because stress hormones can actually change the balance in your body which can create a harsh environment for your hair to grow.

Mental: This includes stress, and is very closely linked to hormonal hair loss; this means that if you are constantly stressed, you will surely get hair loss, let alone other diseases. A stressed body is more tense, reduces in blood flow, which causes a lot of problems for the body to regenerate itself – it can only replicate itself if you feed it the right nutrients as well as allow blood flow all over the body – so if your blood flow is blocking, then you need to do something about it; by exercising!

Exercise routine: Every human being needs exercise; be it going for really long brisk walks, to running till you are very breathless; this is important as this is the way the human body regenerates – over-doing it also can hurt the body, so be sensible – deep inside, you know what level is right for you, what is challenging enough for you, not easy, but hard enough – start from there.

Are these factors enough? 

No they are not – the attitude you should take when approaching hair loss or any kind of health condition is, it is never enough, you have to keep striving to create a balance within your body – this is what life is about, constantly striving for balance.

Understand that life is beautiful, don’t allow yourself to be tied up in social norms (although don’t be an outcast too) – and don’t allow anyone to tell you what your limitations are – only you are able to tell if you had enough, and if you keep striving for more, your body will build itself this way, and allow you to overcome hair loss let alone serious health conditions.