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How to Increase Hair Growth – Contemporary List

how to increase hair growthThe list on techniques on how to increase hair growth rate is endless – but this list is and will probably be, the most powerful list you will come across online. If you haven’t already, please read our older blog post titled “Exercises for Faster and Thicker hair growth” where we have covered this in a different perspective.

Increasing hair growth naturally for men and women requires doing everything you can, in a format of a regime, and to do it so much, that you forget that it is even a regime, but a lifestyle instead!

This is the secret to creating true change in any aspect of your life, be it for hair growth speed, or changing other aspects about your life, health or wealth.

So let’s start with the list of the ways to increasing hair growth:

1. Scalp massage

We already covered why scalp massage is important in increasing hair growth rate in our older blog post titled Scalp Massage for hair growth; it covers how to do it, and why it works for hair growth for men and women.

2. Oil for Hair Growth

Oil’s application help the point number one, which is scalp massage – using an effective powerful oil for this scalp massage will only increase the rate of hair growth. One such oil that is known for this is the Immortal’s Oil, Coconut oil, Emu Oil and others – but we often recommend the Immortal’s oil simply because they are most effective and people have seen greatest results using it in terms of hair growth speed as well as regrowth of new hair.

3. Diet and Supplements for Hair Growth

The foods that help with hair growth will be things like red meat and other animal protein. Most ideal is red meat as it gets digested the fastest for absorbing the correct amino acids required for hair building – taking a supplement of B-complex and Niacin will also benefit greatly – See article titled “Does Niacin help with hair Growth?” for more information.

There is an endless supply of methods you can do – from inversion table for hair growth, head stands, using other oils in certain combinations – so, please bookmark this page as we will be updating this page regularly with the last and effective methods for fastest and healthiest hair growth.

How to Increase Blood Flow to Hair Follicles – Most Effective Methods

hair and circulation

There is a lot of evidence that clearly suggests that hair growth and quality of hair (as well as the lack of hair, ie balding) depends greatly on blood circulation on the scalp – It seems that people look for more evidence and trails by companies, but one thing has to be understood – these tests are not open to the public, as they are the individual research company’s property, they are rarely every fully produced to the public unless a product is launched (their own) which will support the product sales.

That said – there is a lot of evidence that suggests that improved scalp circulation will cause hair growth, regrowth and also grow better quality of hair – this is because minoxidil (do not buy) is one drug that was designed to open vessels for heart patients, but they found it helps (temporarily) when applied to the scalp – the problem is, it only does this short term, and you have to keep using it for life – if you stop or delay, then hair loss will only increase as the body gets used to it and needs it for circulation on the applied areas – so this is not a real solution to the hair problem.

The good news is – now that you know that circulation can increase or regrow hair – you also know that scalp massage will increase circulation, and over time, grow thicker and healthier hair.

A daily scalp massage of 15-20 minutes is the goal.

What if you don’t see enough results from the scalp massage?

Results vary to each individual – but great results can be achieved if you really want them – you just have to work a little harder to get them – and in case of not getting enough results, or wanting faster results, it is a good idea to combine them with other things, such as below:

– Anti inflammation: You need to prevent inflammation in the scalp. Many people have inflammation in their body – but when you have more of it, it causes diseases and circulation problems as well as hair follicles cannot grow hair in such an environment. So the best way around this is to improve your diet (avoid sugar and carbs) and focus on meat diets (without the fats) – this is done because inflammation feeds from sugar, and when you dont eat sugar long enough, inflammation cannot occur – how long not to eat sugar depends on each individual and how their past was with eating sugar foods – but 1 month to 2 years is the range – you should consult with your doctor in case your health condition can be affected by this diet.

– Anti Inflammation Products: There are products that can help local areas to reduce inflammation, but you still should avoid sugars or at least consistently reduce it if you cannot let go altogether – but these products are rated here on our homepage – and Zeavive is one of those products.

Remember – the power to do this is within each person to help them improve their health – be it for cosmetic purposes or internal health or mental health, but discipline is required to do this – the above are some of the most powerful methods that will start working from day 1.

Mental Clarity Required for Reaching Health Goals

Thoughtful young businesswoman


Mental clarity is an important function for one if they want to reach their health goals (or any goals at all) – it is the most underrated aspect of health, because we don’t realize that mentally clear people are able to observe their problems better, and in turn, able to deal with them better.

Health problems like hair loss to anything more serious can all be resolved or improved with mental and emotional clarity – but how does one achieve this?

We already know that B-complex vitamins help with stress, and in turn supports emotional health – we also know exercise is a must, if we want to have any sort of stability in hormones after the age of 25, so with these two combined, what else is available?

The one thing that can help improve mental clarity is Epsom salt baths – this is because of the detox it provides. The skin is looked at as a third kidney, and having regular Epsom salt baths (weekly or monthly) helps the body rid of toxins which otherwise have to go through the kidneys, and this taxes the body too much to achieve mental clarity.

In eastern medicine, water is the nature of your mind – having regular mineral rich water, is essential to keeping a stable and clear mind – and a stomach that is not constantly full, also helps with achieving better mentally clear states – many people report very strong mental clarity when they are on a fasting period of 30 days – so this does have a positive correlation.

Exercises for Faster and Thicker Hair Growth

exercises for faster and thicker hair growth


Hair growth and regrowth is possible by men and women, but how can you increase the speed and thickness by using exercise alone?

Actually – the title is of this post is not accurate, we do state you need to do multiple things at one time to increase hair growth and regrow hair that was lost – doing one thing alone is not likely to get you very far, even if you do see results in the beginning.

That said, there are exercises you can do to help in contribution to everything else that you will do (see blog for full list).

There aren’t specific exercises but you can be creative if we tell you why you need to exercise – its for increasing blood circulation all over the body – one to the scalp and micro capillaries (which easily get blocked) – and two, for increasing body detox from the kidneys and liver – both are important to help the hair growth speeds and increase regrowth rate as well.

If you are also on the chubby side; it goes without saying that weight loss will help the hair growth – but this needs to be tackled by a lifestyle change, not starving yourself, because that will not help hair growth at all – so a balanced diet is a great stepping point along with exercises that make you get breathless.

We already talked about doing exercises that make you breathless for 30 minutes a day – this is important as it pushes your lymphatic system to work and pushes out extra toxins at extra hard level – the intention behind this is not weight loss, but toxin loss – this is why the duration is short and intensive – but can help with weight loss in the long term as less toxins equals better metabolism and bodys ability to perform.

What else can you do for hair growth speed and regrowth?

We have already mentioned diet and exercise in various ways in the blog, as well as products like the Taoist soap, which is designed for the scalp and helps stop hair loss but also increases hair growth speed by removing inflammation from the local regions.

Using the Immortals Oil is also a great oil for hair growth – you don’t have to use much, but when used at least 3-4 times a week before bed, you can definitely see results in 3-4 weeks; results depend on your diet and exercise as well, so if you change this, it will surely help with getting even better results.

Taking a B-Complex vitamins also help with anxiety and stress – it increases your ability to deal with stress. This is important, as many people suffer from stress without even realizing it – they think they are fine, but they actually aren’t – in todays time, everyone could use supplementing with B-complex vitamins; women generally notice it right away because they are more sensitive to subtle changes; men also notice it but after 2-3 weeks (it varies from individual to individual as some men are more sensitive to changes in their bodies).

How to Make Hair Grow Faster – Effective Methods Revealed

How to make your hair grow faster


There are multiple things that need to be done in order to make your hair growth speed increase at its fastest possible level – but one most important element in natural methods must be understood.

Whenever you are trying to achieve something naturally – ie not using harmful drugs – it is VITAL that you do multiple things to target the problem in multiple ways – this means the food intake, the exercise as the basis for all kinds of health related things.

So if you are trying to increase hair growth speed and make average hair grow faster, there are some methods but all must be done, and made into a lifestyle – here are a few:

Exercise: Regular exercise of at least 4-5 times a week, where you do exercise for 40 minutes at least (not including breaks between to catch your breath). If you do yoga, then this is great, but you need to also incorporate exercises that use up your full lung capacity (makes you breathless) such as brisk walking, jogging, jump rope skipping and even swimming.

What this does is push the body to clean out the circulation system of the body – helping blood flow to the organs (which is needed for optimal fast thick hair growth) and flow to the scalp (which is also essential).

Now a manual exercise for increasing scalp blood flow is to do a scalp massage for 20 minutes a day – its easy to do before bedtime, or whilst watching your favorite movie or drama on TV. Scalp massage will push out any blocked vessels (as they get blocked easily because they are very thin and tiny) – and this will push out faster hair growth in just 24 hours believe it or not.

Now once you have achieved the above and built a routine – then you can look at the foods you eat and try to avoid the following foods:

– Sugar

– Wheat

– Fried Foods (like donuts, french fries etc)

– Greasy foods (like Doner Kebabs or poor quality meat which has way too much fat)

These foods will actually make your hair grow slower, but also cause it to get thinner in the long term – so these are best avoided generally to maintain great health, but also to have the fastest growing hair on your scalp.

If you have accomplished doing the above, but still not satisfied with the hair growth, you can add to your regime, some products – and remove some products – avoid taking shampoos that have SLS chemicals in them – try to find natural organic shampoos that are not harsh for your hair – and do not wash your hair everyday.

A product you can use is called the Taoist Soap – this is recommended for the scalp health, and also for people with thinning hair that want to thicken the hair – it is an organic soap designed for the scalp and skin on the face and rids of toxins and inflammation at its most powerful with the rarest ingredients on the planet (hence the price).

Use the Taoist soap about 1-2 times a week for increasing hair growth – you don’t need to use it everyday – it generally helps because inflammation also slows hair growth down, and everyone has some level of inflammation on their bodies including the scalp to some extent, even if you can’t feel it or have hair loss.