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What you should really know about Medical Hair Shampoos

hair medical shampoo There are a lot of medical shampoos for hair loss that are emerging; from caffeine shampoos, minoxidil shampoos, dirt shampoos, vitamin shampoos and all kinds of stuff – but there are some things you need to be aware of if you are considering buying anything like this.

These shampoos are working on the requirement of the problem of thinning hair, and they often try to thicken hair shaft by making hair strand appear to be thicker, but in reality, this causes inflammation, hair loss, and faster hair fall occurrence in men and women.

For example, Mane N Tail Shampoo is a horse shampoo originally – but it is repackaged and sold as a hair growth shampoo for thicker hair – this is not true. It’s not possible. It only artificially makes the hair seem thicker, but long term will make the hair thinner, as these kinds of shampoos increase inflammation in the scalp – which is the main cause of hair thinning in the first place!

If you are looking for something that will work, or at least help towards stopping hair loss, then you need to consider being on a regime; this means taking supplements, exercises, scalp massages and only then, consider the hair growth products listed here on this site – rated and reviewed in terms of effectiveness and non-effectiveness.

You can still use the artificial enhancers, but be very careful – because you may not be able to tell if inflammation is increased, and this is the bigger problem – as many people think inflammation is always visible to the naked eye, or at least feelable, but this is untrue – inflammation can be cold, and also due to lack of circulation, which some medical shampoos make worse – also products like minoxidil won’t help in the long term, as it is not just about fattening up the vessels temporarily each day to keep the hair – it is about detoxifying the scalp, and giving enough blood circulation, anti-inflammatory products and exercise to help better quality hair growth.

How to Increase Hair Growth – Contemporary List

how to increase hair growthThe list on techniques on how to increase hair growth rate is endless – but this list is and will probably be, the most powerful list you will come across online. If you haven’t already, please read our older blog post titled “Exercises for Faster and Thicker hair growth” where we have covered this in a different perspective.

Increasing hair growth naturally for men and women requires doing everything you can, in a format of a regime, and to do it so much, that you forget that it is even a regime, but a lifestyle instead!

This is the secret to creating true change in any aspect of your life, be it for hair growth speed, or changing other aspects about your life, health or wealth.

So let’s start with the list of the ways to increasing hair growth:

1. Scalp massage

We already covered why scalp massage is important in increasing hair growth rate in our older blog post titled Scalp Massage for hair growth; it covers how to do it, and why it works for hair growth for men and women.

2. Oil for Hair Growth

Oil’s application help the point number one, which is scalp massage – using an effective powerful oil for this scalp massage will only increase the rate of hair growth. One such oil that is known for this is the Immortal’s Oil, Coconut oil, Emu Oil and others – but we often recommend the Immortal’s oil simply because they are most effective and people have seen greatest results using it in terms of hair growth speed as well as regrowth of new hair.

3. Diet and Supplements for Hair Growth

The foods that help with hair growth will be things like red meat and other animal protein. Most ideal is red meat as it gets digested the fastest for absorbing the correct amino acids required for hair building – taking a supplement of B-complex and Niacin will also benefit greatly – See article titled “Does Niacin help with hair Growth?” for more information.

There is an endless supply of methods you can do – from inversion table for hair growth, head stands, using other oils in certain combinations – so, please bookmark this page as we will be updating this page regularly with the last and effective methods for fastest and healthiest hair growth.

Breathing deeper for better hair growth

breathing for hair growth


As crazy as it sounds, there is an actual link between deeper breathing and thicker hair growth in return (or regrowth) – and it looks like it cant be related but let us explain.

The deeper breathing has a direct connection with heart beat rate, and if you practice slow and deep breathing, like in meditation, you get a slower heart rate, and a slower heart rate (to an extent) creates a much healthy environment for the body and hormones, less stress hormones are created, and therefore a hormone imbalance is harder to be created from stress.

People under stress often breath very shallow, and by constant practice (15-20 minutes a day) it can slowly reduce the amount of stress in the heart, which slows the heart beat to a healthy level, reducing cortisol levels and relaxing muscles that are normally tense.

So if you have heard about meditation, this is another great reason to start meditation, not only for hair growth, but simply better quality of life from the clarity it brings afterwards. After all, there is a reason why it was practiced for thousands of years by various cultures and has been talked about a lot in modern times.

Bonus: Inflammation is also increased when stress levels are high, even when you are on a great diet, inflammation can still occur when an individual is stressed out from a situation, and is more easily stressed when heart beat is fast and breathing is slower.




High Carb diet and Hair Loss


A high carb diet is common among many people, from bodybuilders to just everyday people who simply love carbs – what’s not to love, they make us feel good right after eating, and gives us that push when we are feeling low.

But does a high carb diet contribute to hair loss or hair thinning in men and women?

To understand this, you have to understand that our hormones (how we feel) are directly affected from carbs – this means anything from sugar to fat to carbohydrates affects the hormonal system and how you feel – that is why eating such foods makes as feel better if we are feeling depressed – but the problem is, this is not a good solution to resolving the problem in the first place.

If you feel depressed and you eat carbs, you not only push your hormones to work harder, but you also get addicted to that behavior because of the chemical reaction!  It becomes a dangerous downward spiral, and many people don’t even see it getting worse until its too late.

But there is no such thing as too late as long as you realize something.

Hair loss can easily be increased on a high carb diet as there is a lot of combustion taking place in the body, lots to process, and if you don’t exercise 24/7 to be burning those calories off, then it is even worse.

Carbs and sugars should be occasional foods, and not a regular food – if you have emotional issues, they must be handled, but not with food – most people eat because of an emotional reason be it comfort, or something else – but most do it.

How do you get rid of this addiction?

Well its simple – go on a protein no carb/sugar/fat diet – so you only eat lean meats for breakfast lunch and dinner combined with steamed leafy greens like spinach and kale – just for 2 weeks, this will rid you of your addictions of food and renew your hormone system (yes you will look younger, feel sexier and look amazing in just that short amount of time).

No, don’t take protein shakes – they have preservative chemicals and a lot of stuff that you don’t want to be taking. You can eat as much as you want, and you will still lose weight, because it will be hard to eat so much.

The fantastic thing about this diet is that if you have acid reflux problems or heart burn – this is the cure to it! It usually fully cures it in 2 weeks, but if you still have it, then continue the diet for longer – some people with serious hormone issues do it for a whole year and renew every cell in their body.

You can go back to your normal diet, but you will find it hard to consume that much sugar and carbs, because you will be aware of how rich it is, and that you don’t really need it – how amazing is that?

Please share this with your friends and family so that everyone can benefit from this diet!

Does Niacin help with Hair Growth?

Emotional Health for Beauty


Niacin (Vitamin B3) is a water soluble vitamin which is required by the body at a constant rate (like all B vitamins); it is required constantly because the body cannot hold onto these and store them for later use.

What is the significance of Niacin Vitamin supplementation for hair growth and naturally thickening hair for men and women?

This is the question often asked – and people are often looking for studies on hair growth and Niacin.

This is one of the few vitamins which can almost instantly cause something known as a flush – which is expansion of the blood vessels (for up to 20 minutes at a time, depending on dosage taken) – this expansion of vessels has a very beneficial effect on helping blood circulation and improving natural states of health – but is this flush the only benefit?

Not exactly – although the flush is an important part of the Niacin benefit (so don’t get the anti-flush Niacin they sell), in terms of helping regrow thicker hair, it is not the only major reason it helps with hair growth in men and women – Niacin helps the nerves to relax, and thus helping the stopping of stress hormones to constantly being released (which drain the body, but also cause hair problems).

Is the Niacin flush dangerous?

No – it is helpful – the first time you experience it, you might think you are getting warm, or tingly, but this is perfectly fine. People often take it before bed so that they don’t have to be awake to experience it, but it is not actually a bad thing to experience.

How should I start taking Niacin for hair growth, and what dosage?

Niacin should be started on a low dosage, like 50 mg per day, then 100 mg per day after 1 week – and doubling every week, and maintaining at 500 mg per day. This should be taken long term for at least 18 months if you want to experience the full benefits of Niacin.

Where should I buy Niacin from? What is the best brand out there?

B3 vitamins are usually sold in varying qualities which the companies often don’t disclose, but reliable companies often charge a lot more than others for good quality ones – so buy the most expensive one you can; be sure it is actually expensive, and not just being over priced by the retailer you happen to visit or website you first see.

We have experience with using Solgar B3 Vitamins – which are actually very cheap but still expensive for its range – and have found their supplements to be of good quality – but be sure to eat B3 vitamins with food, or after eating a meal.

What studies have been done to match Niacin with hair growth?

Many users have reported better quality hair after taking Niacin. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime, you can definitely help your hair growth positively. You can read more information by clicking here about Niacin and its studies.


Bone Marrow and Hair Growth linked – Eastern Sciences

bone soup 33


Bone marrow and hair growth and natural beauty have been linked, not only by western scientists but also Eastern medical teams which practice ancient healing methods like herbology and acupuncture.

It has been said that the youthful appearance that we often talk about comes from the healthy state of our bone marrow, and the science community in Asian countries often claim the benefits of Qigong and bone marrow building exercises for their youthful appearances and great hair.

There are many ways to keep healthy, but bone marrow staying fresh and constantly exercised by doing stance training exercises like the commonly known horse stance in martial arts, is ideal to build and maintain healthy bone marrow in the body – this produces fresh blood, and pushes the nervous system to a new edge due to the constant practice of such exercises – so not only do you look younger, you also feel younger, and have great hair on your head even at a very old age.

What about genetics?

Yes genetics plays a role – but if you change your habits now, and build good exercise regimes, this itself already changes the expression of your genetics; genetics is often misunderstood as “destiny” but this is far from the truth – genetics is always constantly changing, and its expression is dependant on your diet, everyday emotions and your exercise levels (blood circulation to the organs etc).

Will drinking bone soup help with hair growth?

As a part of an overall regime, yes it will support health at its foundation, and will greatly increase nutritional density in your body and bones – constantly having this soup as well as exercising 3-4 times a week to your full extent (various exercises, not just one type) will surely support your youthful appearance and hair growth and quality of hair that is grown.

In natural healing, it must be understood that its very different from western healing methods of taking a pill and expecting results to come – in natural healing it is about doing everything you know that will help contribute towards your health and well being – including leaving friends that stress you out, or making new friends that support your emotional health rather than abuse it, improving your current food quality intake, increasing physical activity and a lot more all powerfully help towards increasing youthful appearance and hair growth.

Exercises for Faster and Thicker Hair Growth

exercises for faster and thicker hair growth


Hair growth and regrowth is possible by men and women, but how can you increase the speed and thickness by using exercise alone?

Actually – the title is of this post is not accurate, we do state you need to do multiple things at one time to increase hair growth and regrow hair that was lost – doing one thing alone is not likely to get you very far, even if you do see results in the beginning.

That said, there are exercises you can do to help in contribution to everything else that you will do (see blog for full list).

There aren’t specific exercises but you can be creative if we tell you why you need to exercise – its for increasing blood circulation all over the body – one to the scalp and micro capillaries (which easily get blocked) – and two, for increasing body detox from the kidneys and liver – both are important to help the hair growth speeds and increase regrowth rate as well.

If you are also on the chubby side; it goes without saying that weight loss will help the hair growth – but this needs to be tackled by a lifestyle change, not starving yourself, because that will not help hair growth at all – so a balanced diet is a great stepping point along with exercises that make you get breathless.

We already talked about doing exercises that make you breathless for 30 minutes a day – this is important as it pushes your lymphatic system to work and pushes out extra toxins at extra hard level – the intention behind this is not weight loss, but toxin loss – this is why the duration is short and intensive – but can help with weight loss in the long term as less toxins equals better metabolism and bodys ability to perform.

What else can you do for hair growth speed and regrowth?

We have already mentioned diet and exercise in various ways in the blog, as well as products like the Taoist soap, which is designed for the scalp and helps stop hair loss but also increases hair growth speed by removing inflammation from the local regions.

Using the Immortals Oil is also a great oil for hair growth – you don’t have to use much, but when used at least 3-4 times a week before bed, you can definitely see results in 3-4 weeks; results depend on your diet and exercise as well, so if you change this, it will surely help with getting even better results.

Taking a B-Complex vitamins also help with anxiety and stress – it increases your ability to deal with stress. This is important, as many people suffer from stress without even realizing it – they think they are fine, but they actually aren’t – in todays time, everyone could use supplementing with B-complex vitamins; women generally notice it right away because they are more sensitive to subtle changes; men also notice it but after 2-3 weeks (it varies from individual to individual as some men are more sensitive to changes in their bodies).

The Best Way to Grow Thick Hair

The Best Way to Grow Thick Hair


There are many methods and tips of hair growth (speed and thickness) out there online; but knowing what really works better than another is mystery most never realize – the good news is, we have done all the research for you, and thanks to our blog, you can find out everything you need to about speeding up hair growth, as well as thickening hair growth naturally.

We write a lot on our blog about hair growth and stopping hair loss – but there is an underlying element which we keep pointing towards – whether you have african american hair, or caucasian or any type of hair – have you guessed what it is?

It’s blood circulation. 

Even if your hair loss is caused by hormonal problems – and you can somehow, increase blood circulation as well as quality of blood circulation, you can improve not only hair growth speed and thickness, but your skin quality and overall level of alertness and mental clarity – but to reach this, there are many things one has to do, t

What factors improve blood circulation?

Let’s just give them to you in bullet points so its easier for you to understand.

Movement of all kinds: Walking, exercise and breathing properly are the physical aspects of this. Breathing deeper and slower is a crucial part of this, as it not only slows down heart rate and helps control anxiety, which in turn controls the bad hormones from being released more than they need to be released.

Walking and exercise long term (yoga, qigong, jogging, swimming, weight training, stretching all ALL very important) can keep up and open the blood circulation system of our bodies – the problem is, todays society we have little time because of the job or the new baby in the family to find the right time – but this must be found; there is always a way, if you really want to improve and get real results, not only for thicker hair growth, but your life in general.

– Diet and Foods: There are many great foods you can eat. But it is important to avoid sugar and carbs as much as possible and they should not be part of everyday life as most modern society thinks they should – these should be treats. This includes natural sugars and artificial sugars; both produce a negative effect in the body if taken everyday – eating lean meats can help improve the stomach and digestion, and a complete vegetarian diet (cooked) is also great – a balance between the both is great too – we are talking strictly for improving hair growth, as well as overall body health (which is an important factor in having fast and thick hair growth on the scalp).

Avoiding deep fried foods like french fries and donuts are a must – these cannot exist in your diet at all for at least 3-6 months – otherwise you cannot expect to get real results.

Scalp Massage: This is probably an under-rated technique to improving blood circulation on the head. It is known as a fact in eastern countries, but in western countries people often look for clinical trials, and if they don’t exist, then they don’t tend to believe. The problem with this is; 100% of natural methods and products out there, will never have clinical trials needed to say something works; this is because medical companies want to patented methods to be created, so they can make a profit – clinical trials are only performed on artificially made drugs which can be patented, but not on drugs that are free available for all to buy.

Granted – there are some handful clinical studies on natural methods for hair growth – but these are so small, and so easy to criticize – so the best study you can do for yourself is do a 20 minute scalp massage every single day for 3 months; and look yourself at the results, rather than looking for studies – we know it works, its a culturally proven thing in all eastern countries – there was no balding men in eastern countries when they lived by their cultural norms and before the westernization of many of these countries (very generally speaking).

Remember – hair growth and skin is directly related to how well you take care of your body and health. So if you focus on your general health, you are bound to increase your hair growth and quality of life in general.