Hypoglycemia and Hair thinning

Low blood sugar and hair loss

If you suffer from a low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), and are seeing hair thinning on top of this, then it is a sure thing that you need to start an exercise program from right now.

This is because this condition can be greatly helped by exercising more – the problem is, people with this low blood sugar problem often feel like they have no energy to do any exercise, so it can be a very dangerous downward spiral – but if you mentally take control, and do 1 exercise daily, be it walking for 20 minutes outside, or jump rope for 5 minutes to raise heart rate (which helps push blood circulation to the extremities).

So is there a definite link between hair loss and hypoglycemia?

As you age, you will get thinning hair, unless you do things to maintain good blood circulation – now if you already abused sugar and carbs at a younger age, and did not exercise much, this is how you can develop hypoglycemia which only makes hair loss worse – but the problem is still the same, and one must exercise on a daily basis for a long period of time (more than a year) to see real full on results – and stay on a low calorie, high protein diet (no carbs, no sugar and no fats – just meat and veggies).

Is there a way to naturally cure hypoglycemia?

Yes – the cause of this is no exercise and high carbs, fat and sugar – and the body is getting sick from it, literally – so doing more exercise will surely help, as well as avoiding those foods (yes it is difficult to do, but if you are determined to get through it, you will succeed).



Mental Clarity Required for Reaching Health Goals

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Mental clarity is an important function for one if they want to reach their health goals (or any goals at all) – it is the most underrated aspect of health, because we don’t realize that mentally clear people are able to observe their problems better, and in turn, able to deal with them better.

Health problems like hair loss to anything more serious can all be resolved or improved with mental and emotional clarity – but how does one achieve this?

We already know that B-complex vitamins help with stress, and in turn supports emotional health – we also know exercise is a must, if we want to have any sort of stability in hormones after the age of 25, so with these two combined, what else is available?

The one thing that can help improve mental clarity is Epsom salt baths – this is because of the detox it provides. The skin is looked at as a third kidney, and having regular Epsom salt baths (weekly or monthly) helps the body rid of toxins which otherwise have to go through the kidneys, and this taxes the body too much to achieve mental clarity.

In eastern medicine, water is the nature of your mind – having regular mineral rich water, is essential to keeping a stable and clear mind – and a stomach that is not constantly full, also helps with achieving better mentally clear states – many people report very strong mental clarity when they are on a fasting period of 30 days – so this does have a positive correlation.

Does Niacin help with Hair Growth?

Emotional Health for Beauty


Niacin (Vitamin B3) is a water soluble vitamin which is required by the body at a constant rate (like all B vitamins); it is required constantly because the body cannot hold onto these and store them for later use.

What is the significance of Niacin Vitamin supplementation for hair growth and naturally thickening hair for men and women?

This is the question often asked – and people are often looking for studies on hair growth and Niacin.

This is one of the few vitamins which can almost instantly cause something known as a flush – which is expansion of the blood vessels (for up to 20 minutes at a time, depending on dosage taken) – this expansion of vessels has a very beneficial effect on helping blood circulation and improving natural states of health – but is this flush the only benefit?

Not exactly – although the flush is an important part of the Niacin benefit (so don’t get the anti-flush Niacin they sell), in terms of helping regrow thicker hair, it is not the only major reason it helps with hair growth in men and women – Niacin helps the nerves to relax, and thus helping the stopping of stress hormones to constantly being released (which drain the body, but also cause hair problems).

Is the Niacin flush dangerous?

No – it is helpful – the first time you experience it, you might think you are getting warm, or tingly, but this is perfectly fine. People often take it before bed so that they don’t have to be awake to experience it, but it is not actually a bad thing to experience.

How should I start taking Niacin for hair growth, and what dosage?

Niacin should be started on a low dosage, like 50 mg per day, then 100 mg per day after 1 week – and doubling every week, and maintaining at 500 mg per day. This should be taken long term for at least 18 months if you want to experience the full benefits of Niacin.

Where should I buy Niacin from? What is the best brand out there?

B3 vitamins are usually sold in varying qualities which the companies often don’t disclose, but reliable companies often charge a lot more than others for good quality ones – so buy the most expensive one you can; be sure it is actually expensive, and not just being over priced by the retailer you happen to visit or website you first see.

We have experience with using Solgar B3 Vitamins – which are actually very cheap but still expensive for its range – and have found their supplements to be of good quality – but be sure to eat B3 vitamins with food, or after eating a meal.

What studies have been done to match Niacin with hair growth?

Many users have reported better quality hair after taking Niacin. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime, you can definitely help your hair growth positively. You can read more information by clicking here about Niacin and its studies.


Bone Marrow and Hair Growth linked – Eastern Sciences

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Bone marrow and hair growth and natural beauty have been linked, not only by western scientists but also Eastern medical teams which practice ancient healing methods like herbology and acupuncture.

It has been said that the youthful appearance that we often talk about comes from the healthy state of our bone marrow, and the science community in Asian countries often claim the benefits of Qigong and bone marrow building exercises for their youthful appearances and great hair.

There are many ways to keep healthy, but bone marrow staying fresh and constantly exercised by doing stance training exercises like the commonly known horse stance in martial arts, is ideal to build and maintain healthy bone marrow in the body – this produces fresh blood, and pushes the nervous system to a new edge due to the constant practice of such exercises – so not only do you look younger, you also feel younger, and have great hair on your head even at a very old age.

What about genetics?

Yes genetics plays a role – but if you change your habits now, and build good exercise regimes, this itself already changes the expression of your genetics; genetics is often misunderstood as “destiny” but this is far from the truth – genetics is always constantly changing, and its expression is dependant on your diet, everyday emotions and your exercise levels (blood circulation to the organs etc).

Will drinking bone soup help with hair growth?

As a part of an overall regime, yes it will support health at its foundation, and will greatly increase nutritional density in your body and bones – constantly having this soup as well as exercising 3-4 times a week to your full extent (various exercises, not just one type) will surely support your youthful appearance and hair growth and quality of hair that is grown.

In natural healing, it must be understood that its very different from western healing methods of taking a pill and expecting results to come – in natural healing it is about doing everything you know that will help contribute towards your health and well being – including leaving friends that stress you out, or making new friends that support your emotional health rather than abuse it, improving your current food quality intake, increasing physical activity and a lot more all powerfully help towards increasing youthful appearance and hair growth.

Body Physiology and Effectiveness of Products

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Each person’s physiology is different – how their body reacts to different foods and emotions is different, to the very way we see a colour is different (watch this video if you’re not sure what we mean).

So how can we expect that the same product or drug work for our health, be it for hair, skin, internal organs or emotional health? 

The truth is, that even when we eat food, our body reacts different to another person’s body – we have seen people of the same age, who can eat a lot and stay very thin, and whilst others who eat average find it difficult to lose weight.

Why is this important to understand?

Because if you understand this, that the body is different, just like our fingerprints are different from each other, or eye biometrics – so is how our organs and hormone systems. This means that it is truly up to is, to find the way for our own unique health and emotional balance, nobody else can do it for us, other than guide us (such as this article is attempting to do).

So how can one find out how their body and emotions react and what is idea for them?

One way is to study the ways that other people have adopted and try them out – but another is to be conscious of your body and intend to really see what affects it positively and negatively. Of course to some extent what affects most people will affect you in a similar way – such as sugar will feed inflammation – but how and to what extent is up to your body and immune system, this can be built if you really want it to be built.

Next time you eat, notice if that food makes you feel active and energetic and clear of thoughts, or does it make you feel sluggish afterwards – usually the foods making you feel sluggish are the ones you need to avoid – but also note the quantity. Sometimes a lesser quantity of the same food which was previously negative, can be positive for you if taken less often or in small portions.

These are often important aspects of health which are rarely ever talked about because you can’t exactly sell a product or service to them – you are fully giving the individual full responsibility for their own health, which is a key part in improving today’s society as a human race.

Please do share this article if you found it useful – even if you don’t agree 100%, take from it what makes sense, and leave the rest behind.


Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

So how does it work?

Circulation seems like the obvious answer – but its not only just circulation. Its detoxification. As blood already exists on the scalp, but the extremely tiny vessels get blocked easily, and reduces circulation – blood will remain in there, but actual flow will not occur, causing it to almost rot, let alone cause inflammation (the main cause of hair loss) which can be visible, but inflammation does not have to be visible on the surface of the skin to actually be taking place.

By constantly massaging the whole scalp, you are not only pushing out dead weight in the scalp, and toxins, but also unclogging thinned out vessels which have reduced the circulation because they are saturated with fat deposits from fatty foods.

For scalp massage to be effective, you need to do it at least 30 minutes everyday – you do not need an oil, but there is a well known oil called Immortal’s oil for hair growth, which is a infusion not found anywhere but online – it also helps stop inflammation that is occurring.

If you are unsure, here is a video that explains the process of scalp massage for hair growth:


Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss?

does testostorone cause hair loss


We often ask the question, if Testosterone hormone, causes hair loss in men? And how to prevent it from happening to you if it does – the answer is not that simple as you would have imagined.

Too much testosterone can cause hair loss in men – but this does not mean they are not healthy; its actually the opposite – BBC news also mentioned a story like this, saying balding could be good for your health – although we agree to some extent, that high testosterone in men is healthy, one also has to understand more important processes that go within the body.

So blocking or reducing testosterone can stop my hair from thinning?

Many online websites suggest that testosterone, or its converted form, DHT, causes hair follicles to shrivel up; the problem is, they miss out one key element in this process – inflammation.

When testosterone converts to DHT, inflammation is what occurs in the scalp region, which is the reason why hair follicles actually stop producing hair, and start choking from lack of hair production – stopping DHT production is not an effective way to actually stop inflammation, because even a tiny amount of DHT left, will still cause a lot of inflammation if the conditions in the body are the same.

By this we mean, for example, foods like sugar and carbs, feed inflammation – so usually people with a lot of hair loss problems, often eat a lot of sugar, and have a sweet tooth, or just an addiction to eating carbs (bread, pasta, rice etc) – even if you eat fruit, it still causes the same inflammation to occur, as it uses the sugar in the fruit to produce the inflammation. So in this specific cause, what can greatly help to stop inflammation, and in turn hair loss, is stopping intake of carbs and sugar for a period of time (to allow the body to reset itself) – and to consume leafy greens and lean meats.

To supplement this – other factors need to be taken into account – please read our article on inflammation and hair loss, and how it works – and what you can do to stop it, to help improve hair conditions and even reverse the problem. This article also covers inflammation in women as well as men.

It is worth researching about when it comes to keeping your body healthy and to help your hair too!

Natural & Most Effective Ways to Thicken Hair for Men and Women

natural ways to thicken hair


Natural ways to thicken hair can be found everywhere – but most of them are not understood as they are adopted individually or looked upon as what works and what doesn’t – for example, people saying to try out a new hair thickening method, or pill or product, and then seeing if it works and then adding more – to some extent this is fine – but sometimes just doing one method which actually is helping, will not show its effects until combined with other methods.

This is understood in cooking – when you make a recipe, its about all the ingredients mixing in well and giving the taste – not about individual level, where adding only salt will make something taste better without anything else – making soup needs mostly water if you think about it – largest aspect of it is water based – but is water alone soup? You need all the other ingredients to complete it and make it tasting great – this is the same with natural healing, including hair thickening ways (but can be applied to everything).

It is a universal truth about healing – you can’t expect  to have a magic pill to resolve all issues – each person’s hair thinning or condition is different – some people get hair thinning from eating too much sugar, some get it from stress, some get it from a combination of everything – the same with healing, some can get great results from just one or two methods or remedies, but ideally, to get full on fast results, you need to do everything sensibly possible.


So what are some remedies that are known to work for thickening hair and speeding up hair growth in men and women?

1. Diet: Balanced diet with no sugar and carbs will speed up hair growth the fastest way possible. Make sure you are getting enough proteins.

2. Exercise: You need to exercise 3-4 times a week making yourself sweat and breathe hard – this is important to keep the lymphatic system working. If you already do exercise and think you are healthy, then think again – most people think they eat healthy and exercise healthy, but most people also live the same lifespan; just doing one type of exercise is not enough; doing various exercises like yoga, weight training and swimming will help your body circulate blood in a different way than the other exercise does – this is important as it helps speed up hair growth and thickens hair.

3. Scalp massage: This needs to be done everyday for at least 20 minutes. You can use an oil, such as the Immortals oil which helps stop inflammation (the root cause of hair thinning) – but you just need to make sure you are massaging it everyday – this is the least understood system of hair growth on the planet – its so easy, most people don’t give it a second thought and never do it – scalp massage will increase blood circulation permanently, ridding of toxins and unblocking vessels which get blocked easily because they are so thin in the scalp.

4. Use anti-inflammation shampoo – we rated the Taoist soap as the best hair growth soap for the scalp because of this very reason – but you must combine the above for this to work at its best. It is understood that inflammation is the root cause of hair thinning, and if inflammation is stopped, hair thinning naturally stops and thicker hair begins to grow. If you don’t want to purchase this due to its price, then get an SLS free shampoo, to at least not make your hair worse off.

5. Work on your anxiety and stress: This is on the increase and is commonly linked to people with thinning hair. Exercise and scalp massage will help a lot, but you still need to do more to help it – taking a B-complex vitamin supplement will greatly help in increasing capacity to get stress and remain unaffected (which means hormones don’t go crazy when you get stressed) – its like those martial arts people who remain calm even in an intense fight, it is because they have built higher capacity to take stress – if you do the same (even slightly better) your hormones will not go crazy, and will not cause inflammation in the scalp area, in turn, thickening your hair (stress hormones cause hair to fall out).



Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo Review



The Alpecin double effect shampoo has been another release by Alpecin the German shampoo company – it has been taken by storm due to the intense advertisements all over europe; but what do the reviews say about the double effect shampoo?

As we have discussed on our blog as well as our main review center for hair growth shampoos here, the Alpecin shampoo (including the double effect version) is not effective for most people when it comes to helping with hair thinning – this is simply because having caffeine in the shampoo does not actually do anything to the hair follicles; the study conducted was not accurate as it was not inside a human body, where hormones and inflammation affect the hair follicles growth rate – it was in a Vito (in a petri dish environment) where it was unaffected by organic stress and was soaked in caffeine 24/7 – and they seemed to conclude that hair grows better in caffeine – which is completely false.

The reviews on various forums and verified users on social media have all indicated that this shampoo does not really work for hair loss – one only has to do a review search on yYouTubeand most people want it to work, but it simply has nothing to offer, scientifically, or magically.

ways to regrow hair 33

But are there ways to thicken hair and regrow new hair growth for men and women out there?

Of course there are, but its not as simply as just using a product or two once a day and getting results – if that is the kind of thing you are looking for, then you might as well give up as you won’t find that.

But if you are willing to put in the effort to get the results, then the sky is your limit.  Firstly, we have mentioned this on our blog posts many times, but we repeat so it is not missed, as it is essential to understand when it comes to naturally thickening hair, or any kind of natural healing – one must do many things on many levels to get real results – this means everything from your emotional patterns, diet and exercise regimes as well as your everyday habits are all included in this – it is about being more conscious on the things you do, and how it affects your body (including your hair).

Diet: Things like fried foods, sugar (fruit or chocolate) and fats all help slow down hair growth and even make hair fall if taken enough. All people suffering from hair loss usually have a sweet tooth or a carb addition of some kind which they are not aware of – however big or small, it is contributing to your hair thinning (applies to men and women) – so removing these from your diet for a period of 6 months is a great start to getting your health and mental well being back.

The diet you would ideally need to be on is a protein diet (lean meats, no skin or fatty parts of the animal) with leafy greens like kale and spinach – this is a rather extreme sounding diet, but it is the only diet that will reset your hormone system, as well as reset the hair follicles and allow them to regrow lost hair.

Scalp Massage – this is a must for 30 minutes a day at least – it pushes out toxins as well as unblocks blocked areas of the scalp.

Emotional stability: The diet mentioned above will help with emotional stability in the long term, although you will feel cravings in the first 2 weeks of the diet, and this will make you feel a lot of various emotions, but sticking to it will greatly help – but on the other hand, emotional stability here means you stop worrying about everything – take a step back any time something stressful happens and observe it as if you are watching a movie; the most powerful person lets things be as they are; and eventually things unfold your way as you needed them.

Feeling extremes of emotions releases stress hormones which cause inflammation – and inflammation is the root cause of hair thinning in men and women – even if the problem is hormonal, it is the inflammation that makes the hair follicle stop producing hair – so if you practice being calm even when you want to be angry, you exercise instead, will build a real long term habit into your body and you won’t have hormonal imbalances or serious cases of inflammation.

After you have been doing the above for at least 3 weeks – then you can try products that work for hair growth and regrowth – products such as the Taoist soap which is designed for the scalp and stops inflammation is a remarkable product for hair in men and women (only need to apply on the scalp) – Other products include Zeavive cream which is known to regenerate skin and hair follicles when applied daily and protect them from oxidization.

Exercises for Faster and Thicker Hair Growth

exercises for faster and thicker hair growth


Hair growth and regrowth is possible by men and women, but how can you increase the speed and thickness by using exercise alone?

Actually – the title is of this post is not accurate, we do state you need to do multiple things at one time to increase hair growth and regrow hair that was lost – doing one thing alone is not likely to get you very far, even if you do see results in the beginning.

That said, there are exercises you can do to help in contribution to everything else that you will do (see blog for full list).

There aren’t specific exercises but you can be creative if we tell you why you need to exercise – its for increasing blood circulation all over the body – one to the scalp and micro capillaries (which easily get blocked) – and two, for increasing body detox from the kidneys and liver – both are important to help the hair growth speeds and increase regrowth rate as well.

If you are also on the chubby side; it goes without saying that weight loss will help the hair growth – but this needs to be tackled by a lifestyle change, not starving yourself, because that will not help hair growth at all – so a balanced diet is a great stepping point along with exercises that make you get breathless.

We already talked about doing exercises that make you breathless for 30 minutes a day – this is important as it pushes your lymphatic system to work and pushes out extra toxins at extra hard level – the intention behind this is not weight loss, but toxin loss – this is why the duration is short and intensive – but can help with weight loss in the long term as less toxins equals better metabolism and bodys ability to perform.

What else can you do for hair growth speed and regrowth?

We have already mentioned diet and exercise in various ways in the blog, as well as products like the Taoist soap, which is designed for the scalp and helps stop hair loss but also increases hair growth speed by removing inflammation from the local regions.

Using the Immortals Oil is also a great oil for hair growth – you don’t have to use much, but when used at least 3-4 times a week before bed, you can definitely see results in 3-4 weeks; results depend on your diet and exercise as well, so if you change this, it will surely help with getting even better results.

Taking a B-Complex vitamins also help with anxiety and stress – it increases your ability to deal with stress. This is important, as many people suffer from stress without even realizing it – they think they are fine, but they actually aren’t – in todays time, everyone could use supplementing with B-complex vitamins; women generally notice it right away because they are more sensitive to subtle changes; men also notice it but after 2-3 weeks (it varies from individual to individual as some men are more sensitive to changes in their bodies).