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The Alpecin shampoo was designed by a German company whose intention was to sell it for the condition of hair being lost by the act of DHT (the hormone we all seem to hate – but not rightly) – here we aim to present an alpecin shampoo review, our view, customers results and scientific review.

The Chart above shows effectiveness rating for the Alpecin shampoo, and its competitors – currently Taoist soap designed for hair loss and other skin conditions, is the most effective (Chart updated regularly – Last updated Feb 2018).

There were some theories that seemed to state that caffeine based shampoos may block DHT and cause the hair to at least stop falling out, and allow the hair follicle a chance for it to recover – these theories are untrue and proved to be inconclusive in helping stop hair problems in any form.

This is the theory that this Alpecin Shampoo was born out of; but it is greatly flawed as the studies conducted were in a test tube environment, and hair growing in a test tube environment will grow better due to no stress and pressures from the body’s hormone system.

Another problem with this theory is, DHT and other hormones in men and women, are not the actual reason why hair thins, or falls off the hair root – the real reason is inflammation in the scalp (which may or may not be visible, but it is there nevertheless) – so a hormone excess can cause an inflammation, which then leads to hair loss – a bad diet can cause inflammation directly (high sugar diets usually).

Stopping inflammation in the scalp is what will stop hair loss and allow lost hair to finally regrow because there is nothing stopping it – this involves doing many things, including changing diet, manage stress as well as scalp massage and using one of the products above; ideally the Taoist Soap, which works powerfully in stopping inflammation and sparking hair growth in the scalp. 

Once hair is lost, is it really gone forever?

Some people think that once hair is lost, its lost forever – but this is not true. Hair is not like grass that once it’s dead, it’s dead forever and you need to replant the seeds (i.e hair transplant!) – you have to understand that it is the biological conditions within the body which make or break the allowance of hair growth or hair loss to occur.

The skin (which the hair is actually the part of) replicates itself every month – so the skin you have today, is not the same skin that was on you a month or two ago – you have regenerated this skin constantly – this is how hair follicles are regenerated if the conditions are correct as described above (anti-inflammatory etc).

Is Alpecin Shampoo the only caffeine based shampoo that we know of today?

Some people have started inventing similar caffeine based shampoos; some have even gone as far as pouring cooled down coffee over their scalp (yes really!) everyday in hopes to stop DHT from acting on the hair follicles.

Another shampoo which is caffeine based is called the Plantur 39 shampoo – people often look for reviews for it, but the science behind it is flawed because this too was done in a test tube environment, where hair is expected to grow better anyway (because of no hormone, insulin and other factors affecting its growth.

What about the Alpecin Shampoo Review’s that I have read online?

Reading an Alpecin Shampoo Review online, on a website where anyone can comment and post a review, is not the best way to get reviews; most reviews are simply reporting that the customer got good support, and fast shipping, but they are not really reporting the results they are getting from using the shampoo.

Also, most people who have posted reviews in video format, have reported that they did not really get any results from using the alpecin caffeine shampoo – one simply has to google “alpecin caffeine shampoo reviews” to find a bunch of search results.

So why is DHT such a big deal anyway?

DHT is a hormone that is part of testosterone which binds itself to the hair follicles making it harder for hair to be formed – this is treated as a theory and is only proven in certain experiments; many people seem to think that just because one or two scientific experiments prove that DHT may be involved in causing hair loss, they make it into a conclusion; this limits further understanding into the subject.

DHT can often be involved in hair loss – but it is what causes the inflammation, which then causes hair falling. Same with sugar and hair loss, eating too much sugar based foods daily can feed the inflammation on the scalp, and accelerate hair loss.

Even as a women, a hormone imbalance can easily cause inflammation, which then causes hair thinning, and eventually hair loss – although women rarely lose all their hair – and it’s much easier for a women to regrow and thicken her hair than it is for most men.

Does Caffeine Stop DHT from binding to Hair follicles?

hair follicle

The short answer for this is no – because caffeine studies on hair loss and thinning were only done in test tube environment – although the study states they add hormone into the dishes to mimic the DHT, it is simply impossible to mimic the human body’s various factors from blood supply, insulin spikes, hormone changing on an hourly basis.

It is safe to say there is no evidence of caffeine application on the scalp will even help stop hair loss let alone grow hair – besides, one has to go through various changes in their lifestyle if they want their hair condition to improve to the way they want it.

Examples of Alpecin Shampoo Reviews left by Customers who have used the shampoo.

“Fast delivery, got the item in time, thanks”Carl Hickman

“Looks good, got the item promptly, lets hope it works”Andy Martin

“It dries my hair way too much, and have yet to see any results 2 months in, maybe it does not work for my skin type?”Jason Aritake

“Not sure why I bought this, if it worked, I would have been cheaper off putting coffee on my head”Mark Stevenson 

“Got it in time after ordering which I was very happy with, let’s hope it works”Carl Milton

The above Alpecin review examples show how customers rate the Alpecin shampoo positively as they have not tried it, but only just received it and are leaving a review based on that – you still do get the odd person that has used it for a while and is reporting back, but this is usually buried inside all the reviews and harder to notice with all the other reviews.

As explained above, the studies conducted in the Alpecin shampoo were inconclusive and would not produce any results when using the shampoo itself.

What about the Nism Shampoo for hair loss? Does that work for hair loss conditions effectively?

The reason the Nism Shampoo was rated second in the charts at the top of the page was because at least it works by cleaning the scalp to some extent.

The cleaning does not work in stopping hair loss, inflammation or anything remotely close – but it does help keep the hair grease free and can be used in correlation with the Taoist soap, designed for hair loss and skin renewal.

The Nism shampoo contains B vitamins which is good, but adding Vitamins without careful calculations will produce no results in terms of stopping hair loss or even keeping the hair you already have – this is why we cannot rate the Nism shampoo as a hair loss one, but just as a shampoo.

What about Nizoral Shampoo? Its Rated Low on the Charts, can you explain why this is?

Nizoral shampoo’s main ingredient is an antifungal which is designed to stop fungal infections – the ingredient, called ketoconazole, has no scientific backing on helping stop hair loss when applied inside a shampoo – the reason we rated it much lower than other shampoos is because it may even increase in hair falling from the scalp if used regularly as this a strong substance to work applying on the scalp.

Several other websites have confirmed that Nizoral actually may even cause more hair loss than normal, and not only based from our findings, but others are saying the same – this is why we do not recommend this shampoo at all.

DS Labs reviews? What do you say about their hair loss product range?

Revita Shampoo from DS Labs and their other hair loss products are simply containers with randomly added vitamins and antioxidants which do not target hair loss or stop inflammation (the root cause of hair loss).

There are many companies adding a stack of vitamins and minerals in their shampoo, and calling it natural. The truth is, the word natural can also be used on harsh chemicals, as well as synthetically created vitamins (which are not the same as real vitamins).

We never recommend companies that take the approach of simply throwing all kinds of ingredients together into a bottle – it only sounds it might work, but often ingredients can disable each other, rendering the formula useless.

A few years ago, there used to be many supplement companies doing the same thing as shampoo companies are doing today – they add words like “with added vitamin B” – they even did it on cereals.

The problem with this is, that often these vitamins are synthetic – which means they are artificially created in a lab – and often derived from ingredients which humans or even animals never consumer – such as petroleum – these only structurally look like vitamins, but actually harm the body if they are consumed – if applied topically like a shampoo, it could still cause more harm than good, as topical products are meant to have a limited effect by passing through the skin barrier (to some extent of course).